Hi, can someone know why I'm gpu limited with rtx 3080?

Without more info, no.

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Single thread performance on your CPU is the likely culprit.

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You have 200% render scaling. If you really need it, tone it down to 150% or so.


what info ?

my specs are
i5 10400F
Rtx 3080
32gb ram
500gb ssd
50mbs internet speed

looking at your pictures your 3080 is only running on 1350MHz, that seems oddly low.

Post is full hd… try switching the resolution for 2k at least of 4K because main thread is limiting the gpu

For comparison: i am getting 50 fps in new york during the day, night 40fps. According the info i am gpu bound.

4k details high
Rtx 3080
Amd ryzen 9 5900x
64gb ram

Is your power supply at least 650w gold or platinum? Anything less than that and people have reported new RTX GPUs not operating fully.

For both shots, the CPU and GPU seem to be running at comparable speeds. Even if the GPU ran faster, you wouldn’t gain much on your fps.

As suggested above, try adjusting your settings, especially the render scaling, and perhaps run a benchmark on your system, to see how you compare with others in case there’s a basic hardware problem.

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Yes I have cheap 650w psu I ordered aorus 850W +80 gold but could this be the case? Bad psu affecting fps

PSU may be a factor if the GPU is throttling back, but you’re always gonna struggle for good framerates with the i5 CPU - it just doesn’t have enough single thread performance.

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It may well be. A good quality 650w is meant to be the absolute bare minimum so a poor quality one may be what’s causing some perf loss. The 850w will be perfect for it. Also the i5 will likely be limiting frames as well.

In your examples the i5 is probably costing you around 5fps compared to an i9, once you overclock the i9 to 5GHz that fps gap will widen further, maybe up to 10fps. However, MSFS is heavily CPU limited until you go up to higher resolutions, so you could easily move to a 4k resolution and still have similar fps.

Try setting your Render Scaling to 100-150, as it looks like you’re running at 200 in your screenshots, that may give you a few frames back.

Turning off Real-time and AI traffic can also take a bit of the load off of the CPU.

This really helped a lot increased almost 7-8 fps more also a question is i7 10700K good enough since they have the same socket and I don’t need to change the motherboard also ?

if you’re not going to overclock, you don’t need the K version.

10700 has a base clock of 2.9GHz - so the same as your 10400, so no real benefit. The 10700K has a 3.8GHz base clock which should give you a 5-10fps boost, but it can be overclocked fairly easily to 4.8-5GHz which would give another boost.

Ideally you’d want this to tide you over until the new AMD platform (AM5) is released late next year.

An insufficient PSU shouldn’t cause performance issues though. It could cause stability issues if voltage rails start to drop, or sporadic power-offs if the overcurrent protection trips.