Hide cockpit panel and/or aircraft

See the pilot view without the cockpit. For the people that want to build a home cockpit
Don’t know if is possible now


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FS2020 is looking amazing, yes. But unless you go outside (Drone or External cameras) you can’t really get a good view of that amazing scenery, can you? In past FS versions you could hide the cockpit and see fully what was in front or around you without leaving the pilot’s position. Plus we can’t use Space or Enter to change our “seat” position to see more landscape outside than cockpit. I always actually liked the 2D cockpits when landing…no need to move around the view. Everything right there…There is only a small change of view/zoom with the up/down arrows. Why eliminate something that worked so well in past MSFS products?


Ditto. Please add ‘Hide Cockpit’ functionality back into FS!


You can adjust the cockpit camera height in the settings. Kinda like putting a phone book on the seat so you can see out the windows. But then you might need something to reach the pedals. ROTFLAMO.

Actually the cockpit camera height settings are extremely limited in FS2020. In FS9 you could hit the space bar and look as far down as you needed to see the landcape or airport… much more flexible and more enjoyable than having to see only miles in front of you. On approach and landings I found I used it a lot.

Do you mean, you kept the space bar pressed for that or only pressed it once?
When you press the space bar in MSFS (2020), your pilot sits up and you can see a lot more of the scenery right below you. DIdn’t this work for you?

It works, but it stops short of being able to see a lot more angle. It just raises you up a little. In FS9 you could hit the space bar repeatedly and look at a more downward angle as much as needed, like raising your seat or leaning forward. It was very handy. If we had that ,plus the ability to get rid of the cockpit altogether, you would have the best view of the landscape as well as clear sight of the airport on landings. It worked great in FS9. With all the endless camera tricks in FS2020 you would think that would be possible but it is not.

Just go to control settings and set it up

I can move freely in all directions of the cockpit all the way up and forward.

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You suggested setting it up but I have tried. If I zoom forward I can make the windshield bigger and get rid of a lot of the cockpit but then everything is zoomed in too far, not the same perspective as if the cockpit just disappeared. That old feature allowed for nice visual approaches where you could either see your cockpit or not and the zoom level, angles, etc…did not change. Like putting your face right up against a window- all the scenery was there and you could look around but you were still “in the cockpit”. MS should not have eliminated that feature.

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Is there s way to hide the instrument panel, but show the heads up display? Thank you


You can turn it off in camera settings.

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for the VC no, not that i know of, you can only show/hide it in chase camera.
i have not even looked through all keybindings if there are any for switching VC to 2D.

I misinterpreted the question. I don’t think it is possible rn. Unless you went into chase cam, positioned it in front of the plane and then turned off hud as I showed above

Thanks ,folks, for your help!

Undocked windows for cockpit building
Also View without instruments, like when in fsx you pushed the W

If you search the forums you will find a technique some are using for this (PFDs, MFDs, G1000s, etc.) but I don’t believe it is optimal.

As you the FSX “W” key replacement, there isn’t one at this time. Most are using the drone and positioning it appropriately for the same effect.

To undock the windows for cockpit building, you can do so by pressing Right Alt and on the window. Havent tried it, but heard it works.

I have requested the old “W” function several times, as well as the abiltiy to change the angle of cockpit view ( Space Bar/Enter in FS9) which was very helpful for looking “over” the nose of the plane. If enough requests get sent to zendesk, maybe we can get those back. I am all for new=generation advancements but why take away things that worked so well?

Anybody know how to hide the instrument panel? I’m a cockpit builder and need just a forward view scenery only.

You mean like the “W” key in past FS? You can’t hide it. I have asked that this feature be brought back. It was great. Now you have to use an external camera and it never gives you the same perspective or zoom level.

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