Hide serial number on skin?


Not sure where to post this.

I’ve been creating my own TBM skin, but cant seem to find out how I can disable the default serial number from appearing on the plane (pretty sure its a aircraft.cfg setting) anyone know?, still want to enter a serial number in game for ATC usage, just not have it appear on the plane.

Current settings for the serial number:

atc_id = “” ; tail number
atc_id_enable = 0 ; enable tail number

Number still appears on the plane.

probably better off asking this in the SDK subsection.

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Atc_id_enable doesn’t seem to work for me either.

You can use atc_id = “.” , which will remove the registration number and replace it with a dot.

I moved this to the SDK section.

Search for “Registration”, there’s lots of info on this. You could also search for Panel.cfg.