Hiding unwanted planes from selection

That is a brilliant idea. I’d love that. Up to 10 slots in your Active Hangar and the rest in Storage Hangar (which is basically the current menu).

Problem would be what happens in a slot if you remove one of the planes or liveries (via addons manager) temporarily…


I go to the “Content Manager”, make sure I have Installed, on the left side of the screen checked, then find the aircraft I no longer want and click (Mark) it then when I have finished marking all the aircraft I no longer want, I click on “Delete” on the bottom right. All of the selected aircraft will be removed from your sim. I also used this method to remove “World Updates” that cover areas on earth I never fly in. You can add them back later if you decide you want that particular aircraft, livery or world update area back in your inventory.

Someone said this is not a solution. I suppose it depends on ones perspective, It was a solution for me, has worked well and addresses the thread question. I am sure a better choice will be available in the future but for now, it worked for me and allowed the sim to load much faster without all the extra planes and areas on the earth I never fly in.

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Well it is a solution, but a clumsy one. Seems an unnecessary step to have to physically delete content from the disk and have to re-download Gigs of data again each time you simply want to toggle what you’re loading.

And the Content Manager interface isn’t exactly user friendly or fast for managing large lists of stuff.

It is what it is though. I imagine they’ll get to improving it one day but there are much bigger fish to fry :slight_smile:


+1 put a wishlist item, you got with my vote… there’s some 45 small aircraft in my hanger… I’d like a proper sorting order on preference, that is aircraft I fly most often, should be on top.

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I agree with you. One day, they will get around to enhancing the hangar interface and give us a management tool that solves all of our hangar organization wishes.

There is a wish list item for favorite aircraft. Please vote there.
Ability to save Aircraft to favorites list - Community Support / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Can this be turned into a voting thread, please?

I don’t thins the good suggestions made here are very hard to implement…

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There is already a Wishlist topic that addresses this:

Thanks, I just voted!


Some possibility of cleaning up the aircraft selection interface would indeed be welcome. Hiding rarely used aircraft, or a personal hanger, or maybe some extended filtering (manufaturer, publisher, number of engines).
As the interface must probably remain convenient to use with a controller on Xbox and when sitting farther away from the TV, I do not think that a major redesign is very likely.
Also placed my vote!

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And the other issue is that if you uninstall them, they won’t be available for multi-player or AI or Live Traffic to use.

To me, the best option is an extensible filtering system like FSX has. This automatically supports a “Favorites” category, although, I would prefer the “Favorites” category show me specific planes AND specific liveries, so I don’t have to hand edit directories, etc. to control this.

In FSX I created all sorts of categories that I would sort my planes in. It also allowed you to turn liveries off and on in the same screen. I HATE HATE HATE having to go to YET ANOTHER WINDOW to drill down in my selection to select a livery. I should be able to select a plane and expand it’s liveries in the same screen, or at least have it drop down a window over the existing window which shows the available liveries when I select on a plane.

If a filtering system is created, planes should be able to exist in multiple categories.

And it would be nice if the My Hangar menu remembers the last set of filters you used.

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I think Addons Linker has an option to work with official content too. Although I haven’t tried it.

I like having traffic variety, so I’m willing to give up loading time. But a favorites hangar would be nice.

I hope the day is sooner than later. 40th anniversary items are done.

Early 2023 will be important to the future of the sim and show where Asobo’s priorities lie.

yes, it does …

Rather than HIDE unwanted planes ( whatever you decide UNWANTED is at any particular time), why not just use the aircraft Selection FILTER, to only show the Planes you are interested in selecting from, in any particular session. ?

MSFS Addon Linker is also a great tool to keep Addons orgranized… and cut down on the choices if seeing “unwanted” aircarft when selecting a plane to fly.

(But obviously not an option for X-Box :-1: )

In addition to hiding unused aircraft, or being able to create a favorites list of aircraft, I’d love it if Asobo would link hardware profiles to specific aircraft. If linking hardware profiles is too much of an ask, then at least give more time to cycle through the specific device profiles to get to the one you want…LOL.

Yes, filtering is nice, but, it’s up to the user to maintain that by editing the aircraft.cfg’s, which isn’t possible on XBox.

FSX used to allow us to create our own categories. I used it all the time in FSX. I forget if that works in MSFS?

I’d love to see that feature improved,

  1. Edit it from the hangar (can you? Maybe you can?)
  2. Allow planes to live in multiple categories
  3. Allow users to “favorite” liveries (and hide those they don’t want)(IOW, allow the user to sort livery order in the menu)
  4. Make Livery selection a drop down from the plane icon instead of a whole separate multi-click menu system
  5. A specialized “Favorites” list of a set of planes and specific liveries
  6. This may be harder, but, allow every livery to have a separate category (with the ability to say all liveries of a plane have a category to ease editing categories for a plane, if you know what I mean (“select all” button))
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At this point, I’d settle for a simple algorithm that would monitor how often you fly a particular airframe, and then sort it to the top of the list, so eventually, all your most used favorites would rise to the top of the list.

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That would make sense. Or a little “sort by” menu like in Steam:

  • Alphabetical
  • Most Used
  • Recently Used
  • Category (i.e jets, props etc - which we do have already, I know)
  • Favourites

I agree, being able to favorite airplanes would be great. Most car racing games have this feature.

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