High mountain flying & landings

while we are eagerly waiting for more bushplanes like the PC-6 Porter (hear that XP-11!) and more dirt-strips there is already exciting stuff possible with the Caravan (sans skis for the moment…).

Here are some challenging opportunities in spectacular landscape. You land on unmarked small patches of solid ground, i.e. in fields, meadows, gravel, snow. Many are sloped.
In real life a lot of these strips had been used until the advent of hi-powered choppers.

Do a lo-level recon of the sites first to check for obstacles (bush, rocks, huts, tents crevasses, animals etc…) and then come in for some extreme STOL. MSFS’ collision algos are quite good!

You rescue climbers, limo celebrities, bring in doctors, fly out the sick, deploy monks, cram in Yaks, unload goods - the (mountain pilots) works.

Soup it up with grim wheather as you like.
All GSP-coords are from Bing-maps.

First the mighty Himalaya:
This mountain range has improved DEM-wise quite a bit recently, superb vistas in-flight.

A. Nepal Khumbu, Everest Region
Your home base is VNSB Syangboche, from there you venture out into the high valleys.

  1. Phortse village: field at south-facing cliff (27,843939, 86,747108, 7500ft, approach 042°)
  2. Ghokyo Village: snow field at the noth end of the lake (or the frozen lake itself): 27,970086, 86,758976, 15000ft, 008°
  3. Snow field at the end of glacier in front of Cho-Oyu (28,065521, 86,672883 , 17250ft, 352°).
    Mathjis Kok - sweet memories: as far as I remember, with Aerosofts FSX-Lukla-package you had to land a Twin Otter here and rescue the crew of a crashed chopper (sic)

4.Tengboche: meadow in front of the Monastery (which looks like an office building unfortunately). (27,836025, 86,764716 , 12250ft, 214°); Savage only (!?)
5. Panboche village: field above river (27,852880, 86,790101 , 12400ft. 038°)
6. Dingboche village: bushland between the two residential areas (27,852880, 86,790101 14000ft, 345°)

  1. Lobuche village - Oxygen Alitude Hotel: snowfield west (27,947529, 86,808687 , 16000ft, 334°)

  2. Chol-La Climber Camp: (27,970086, 86,758976 , 17400-18000ft, 298°)

  3. Gorak Shep Lodges: bright patch at the hotels 228° (or up the moraine, uh… 324°): (27,981206, 86,828734 , 16500ft)

  4. on to Everest Base Camp (in reality no strip possible, bouldered to the hilt…): but because Bing has a “Mountain Resort” there MSFS dutyfully places a house (28,002659, 86,852690 , 17400ft)

to be continued:
e.g. more climber high camps in Nepal, Indian & Pakistan himalyas, Denali region, Andes etc…

have fun!

DENALI, Alaska:


Your home base is 33AK Nugget Bench

  1. Base Camp: famous ice strip on glacier, (62,968125, -151,117849, 7800ft, 063°)
  2. High Camp: snow field over cliff with redish rocks: (63.069503, -151.075213, 14000ft 344°)
  3. High Camp X: snow field (63.081657, -151.019243, 17800ft, 235°)
  4. Peak Plateau Rescue: ( 63.069839, -151.017026, 19500ft, 000° or 180° depending on wind)

Himalays: Sikkim, India

your base is Taplejung VNTJ (Nepal)

  1. Kanchenjunga Base Camp: on glacier (27,670214, 88,120551, 18800ft 073°)
  2. K’North Face rescue: glacier (27,734289, 88,146827 , 19200ft, 107°)
  3. K’peak rescue: snow field western ridge: (27,710006, 88,117256, 25240ft !!!, 234°) RL-Caravan pilots: would that be possible?
    between here and
  4. Darjeeling: sloped meadows: (27.039118, 88.246345)
    are many hill stations where specialists might put down a X-Cub into the soccer fields and village squares.

You might also try the deep mud (well, in MSFS…) of Pakyong Airport VEPY or haul in some Generals for an inspection of some of Indias Army high roadheads at the Chinese border (27.039118, 88.246345 ; 28.042053, 88.755355 ; 27.923297, 88.530858 )


Uttarakhand, India

your base is Rudraprayak VARG

fly over beautiful hills to:

  1. Trishul peak: snow ridge north/close to peak (30,318823, 79,781257 22500ft, 188°)
    amd now to something different:

  2. Nanda Devi: one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, in MSFS only you can land right on top (after some attempts that is…) - hope with a future jaggier mesh this will become impossible finally ( 30,376107, 79,970642, 25200ft !!!, 301°), see pic

you can land more easiely on Hathi Parvat ( 30,688127, 79,708895, 22070ft) and enjoy the view and continue to the Gangotri area (30,879382, 78,871346).

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Great idea. I tried your Alaska ‘rescue’ mission in the Bonanza. It didn’t go so well haha

Beware of crevasses!

The game started me in a cloud, instant icing. It took a long time to climb and get rid of the ice. Beautiful scenery there.

nice try Sven, surprised the Bonanza goes up that high!

Himalayas cont.:

Pakistan - Baltistan
your base is Chilas OPCL

fly thru barren valleys to:

  1. Fairy Meadows Lodges: grass strip (35,387534, 74,579312, 10000ft, 320°)
  2. Nanga Parbat north face: glacier (the wall towering 11600ft above you!) ( 35,275793, 74,628050 , 15000ft, 122°)
  3. RL base camp at appr. 35,319577, 74,587400, gravel strip)
  4. N.P. peak plateau: wide snow field (35,255548, 74,595330 , 24750ft, 231°)

judging from Google_Earth_3D this field might actually be a possibility in RL, btw. Wikipedia service ceiling of the Caravan is 25000ft…

there is a striking difference: while the north face is very well done, the even more dramatic south (Rupal) face is looking bland due to Bing-map clouds.
Talking about drama:
probably the most dramatic place on earth is Concordia Place, Karakoram, Pakistan (35,743287, 76,517385):
its surrounded by a mass of super high peaks. In MSFS currently its a disaster: coarse terrain due to Bing resolution & clouds, massive defects in the DEM (sinkholes in the 8000m-mountains Gasherbrum, Broad Peak, K2). Asobo - in case you read this forum: you did well recently but this region needs an upgrade badly.
Still, the flight from Skardu OPSD up there can show the shape of wings to come…

Nanga Parbat north face:

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