High Rise Buildings in Rural Locations

I have noticed many high rise buildings in rural places in the USA.
I’m not talking about “Tall Buildings”.
I’m referring to buildings that don’t belong in these small towns.
Many of them I’m aware of have buildings that aren’t more then 3 stories but yet I see what appear to be 20 story buildings.
Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but it is certainly not a very accurate rendering of small towns. Today I was flying in Northern Wisconsin and their are many tall buildings that totally don’t belong.

Yeah the broke it with japan update, very annoying…my hometown is now skyscraper city, but not one is there.

They are great at breaking, but they cant fix…

Did you try updating the Japan content in your content manager? If not, there is an update that has to be downloaded and installed through the content manager and that fixes the problem.

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I never downloaded the Japan update but still got these buildings. I just downloaded the latest Japan update today and re-started the sim. I’m still getting these small buildings in the country. I’m going to try the buildings fix patch next .

I have seen even skyscrapers in some villages which are mainly farmlands in Spain as well. That´s the magic of AI tasking :grin:


You might want to post in the dedicated discussion instead of creating a new topic. This will better help Asobo in having a unique place to cross-check about this issue, and with your vote there, give a better chance they keep it in their radar for next update.

Buildings much too high still in Patch

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I felt the original discussion was referring to buildings that belong in the landscape but are rendered to tall.
I’m referring to tall buildings that don’t even belong on the landscape I’m flying over.

Also I’m fully updated as mentioned above and it made no difference.

Yes I would say that is an inappropriate building. Same all over the UK. I made a thread about it but it didn’t get many votes. Add barns/farms etc to autogen buildings please

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It would help if you put some pictures, then?

I voted for it. :grin:

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Need a refund

also just voted thx

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