High tension power lines & cell towers?

is there plans of adding high tension power lines and cell/radio towers? I know the information is available to be able to do it because if I remember correctly, anything that is higher then 500 ft has to be reported to the FAA and is published. Ive been flying around and see the power lines on the imagery but isn’t physically there.


The landscape is beautiful but it’s definitely missing these towers and power lines. Hoping they’re currently in the works because they are quite prevalent in real life. Plus, they can be used as VFR navigation aids.

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Yeah, exactly. Everything else is absolutely fantastic. And now that i think about it, My last real world flight i did, we used 2 very tall cell towers right next to eachother as a navigation aid.

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Yeah I think these are needed too. One thing that all real world heli pilots have to look out for is power cables and pylons and are taught to avoid flying over cables but instead, to fly over the actual towers at some height for safety. I would like to see these objects in the sim so that when Heli’s are added we have that extra element of danger to simulate real world conditions.

Yep, I’ve been referencing my VFR charts (Australia here) for navigation in the game. It’s working extremely well, but high tension powerlines and comms towers are two features that are sorely missed.


Yes and also the big television towers, also shown at the ICAO maps should be implemented. And not like these things as shown in the photo :slight_smile: For real VFR flying these are very important landmarks!

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I believe in the last developer Q&A they did say they were working on bringing Power lines etc into the sim as they aid with VFR.


It’s especially jarring when you are flying over forest and you can see the bare strip where the utility easement is but there are no actual power lines there.

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