Higher vegetation for fields and meadows

Dear Asobo, could we get higher vegetation in some parts of the world?
Especially on larger fields and flower beds, they look too flat right now.

It could be like :

  • slider option based / for custom user choice
  • limited distance based / to achieve the optimal performance and detail

Please, give more juice to the world.

Friends, if you like this idea, please vote.


+1 im up for that as long as they DONT add rapeseed


I cant withstand that smell :nauseated_face:


I know that smell but it’s still worth it. :sunflower: :smiley:

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Agreed- while it’s nice to have individual grass blades, not everything is green! Swap some of those grass blades out with some flowers, plants, other colorful vegetation.


Though it would be awesome I think it would make a big hit to performance.

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I think that performance would be fine because we have a small vegetation almost everywhere and it runs quite good. But good point.

Would be nice, yep. In areas with large amount of forest, I sometimes think it would be nice to see some dead trees in the mix as well, just to break things up a bit.


Yes, great idea…

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+1 from me. I create strictly bush strips, and focusing on Arkansas right now. Many of these are in what some what call hay fields, lol…the hay on either side of the strip can be a few feet tall at times. Check out this video as an example of what I’m talking about: 51AR - Byrd’s Backcountry landing


Very nice video. :+1:t2:

Something for the future, but with so many features higher on priority I think we can start proposing it in a few months.

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I think they have an order so no need to worry.

I like the idea but would also like to have the ability to reign in the longer grass in some places. Knee high grass at my local airport where GA aircraft park in summer is a bit much.

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Nice idea, but I think they’re relying on the ground textures to provide this. It would be cool for the AI to figure it out and place crops, flowers etc at lower levels.

I can foresee the outrage already though: This field is a rose farm and the sim shows pansies! I want a refund grrr! lol


Or our fields are currently harvested! The game show them as high. :sweat_smile:

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Yes, + 1 . Would be fantastic to see this level of detail .

Hopefully , auto pilot can be tuned up first .

Would hate to see an Airbus , auto piloted into those lovely Lavender fields !! :smile:


I would like to see how the colors came more to life after this addition.

The AI can use the colors on the sat map to choose what vegetation to use

Latitude and elevation is also a good indication what can grow where, there are no trees in Greenland.
Time of year as well, we need spring flowers, fall trees and bare trees for winter.

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Exactly and it would be a shame not to use it for this type of vegetation too. There is a short grass in some fields why not longer and more different types.

Yep, this needs to be a flora and fauna world/sim update implemented via Black Shark AI. A nice start would be for the AI to identify green rectangles using computer vision, and then fill them with regional cultivated crops. Realism in the midwestern US would be improved massively just by having corn and bean fields, a relatively simple add I’d think that would add realism to tens of thousands of square miles of scenery. I’m actually hoping for this on the US world update.

Other areas should be populated with an autogen mix of wild plants. Grass and trees work from altitude and at decent sized airports. But it’s not great for bush landings or engine out landings always coming down on a pixelated mesh with grass on it.

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