Hogwarts Express Train, Scotland by JEPPESON2001

Quick video of new addon
Available in Simmarket.


And where is Hogwarts? That should really be added if you ask me :slight_smile:

Nice addon. It’s time we get some trains into the sim. The smoke effect could still benefit from some work. It doesn’t come from the stack and the puffy clouds look a little artificial.

But the train crossing the bridge is nicely done. Feels very realistic and he animations of the locomotive are also quite good.

need a bunch of people up on the hill too!!!

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where is this available?

It’s on Simmarket

Nice train, smoke effects are a bit janky though.

Fly the viaduct like this for thrills: Glenfinnan Viaduct - Microsoft Flight Simulator - YouTube

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ta…good add-on

Where is the flying car? :wink:

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Is it on xbox