Hollywood Sign Too Hard To Find

I first used Google maps to locate the sign. Then I used the VFR FS2020 map and compared it to the location on the Google maps; mostly refering to the lake at the west. I used an airport near the location and finally found the Hollywood sign relatively easily.

The sign is there, but it honestly looks kind of bad, and because of the horrid draw distances we’re seeing, you only see it close up.

On flightsim.to there’s actually a Hollywood sign scenery that looks pretty good.


Taken in VR - It was a lot further to the east than I thought it would be…

Thanks Hester 40MT. I should have remembered how to post a screenshot. Okay, here’s the i mage that should have been part of my original post. My right wing points to the The Hollywood Sign.

Thanks. I waited until after the U.S.A. update before flying in the area but there’s so many places to visit, I didn’t get around to it earlier. Yesterday, I took off from KLAX in the 747-800 and did a circuit, coming back to land on the 24s. The plane was almost impossible to fly due to frames below 10. I tried again today in a 172 and that worked out much better, frame-wise. I just seized the occasion to look for the Hollywood sign. Judging by comments in this post, I’m not the only one who had problems locating it.

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I highly recommend the LA Scenery freeware. It not only makes downtown LA look much better, but it includes a nice rendition of the Hollywood sign.

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I went looking for the sign on release… there is a post about that.

I too, recommend the LA freeware, if you plan on sightseeing in the LA Basin.

Thank you for the tip, geoffda. I’ll certainly mull over getting LA Scenery Freeware but my Addon Linker already contains over 90 add-ons and things are getting a bit, huh, frenzied when a new Flight Simulator update comes along, especially given the fact you have no idea there will be a mandatory update to install as you start MFS. I wish Microsoft would notify me as soon as I start the sim, instead of having the update notification appear a long minute or more after you’ve got the simulation going, as this means shutting down to disable all ‘live’ folders in Addon Linker and re-starting Flight Simulator to proceed with the update. Oh well, that’s what it is! But it certainly is unpleasant.

Speaking of Addon Linker, I try to only put a handful of sceneries in the app at a time, maybe 12, 15, something like that. Usually scenery that is near my home airport. With this way of doing things, I find my Simulation loads relatively quickly and checking/unchecking items in Linker is palatable.

I think that the Hollywood Sign should be a POI (Point of Interest) on the World Map where you can set it as your Departure/Airborne Point or Arrival Point.

Therefore you don’t have to find it! The Sim places you there prior to launching the session!

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When I posted about the Hollywood Sign, I wanted to post a screenshot but could not remember how to do it. Fortunately, Hester40MT came to my rescue and I posted my view of the sign. However, the sign is almost invisible and, to see it, the image should be enlarged by clicking it twice; the sign then becomes quite visible to the right of my aircraft’s right wing.

It was suggested that I Copy/Paste my screenshot into my Compose Window but this doesn’t work for me, for whatever reason. I decided to use Split Screen to see if ‘Drag & Drop’ would work, beneath this line:

This method worked for me, I dragged and dropped my image, and the result is shown, here, above a screenshot of the Split Screen as I was making my post.

I installed the Los Angeles scenery add-on and the Hollywood Sign is indeed better visually. About the difficulty some are having in finding its location, I find that if I fly at 3000 feet to the L.A. Downtown cluster and turn to 310 degrees, my aircraft will be flying toward it. It seems to be visible from a bit further than in the standard U.S.A. update. The screenshot shows the new Los Angeles Scenery I installed. Click the image twice for details.

You are right,I have been disappointed too

Thought I was just crazy till seeing this. I was doing a low flyover in the area a while back and thought, right, it should be here but I couldn’t spot it either. So I see it is, just harder than normal to see.

Back out a bit see Griffith Observatory, bottom right. Hollywood Bowl to the left, Universal Studios at the end of the mountain, Griffith Park is the green in the middle, KBUR is towards the upper right.

Hopefully, you are cleared for the KLAX bravo, it is very close behind you, and above you, too.

That sign has been redone several times. When I first saw it, it was HOLLYWOODLAND. When I saw it again a few years later ‘LAND’ had been removed.

It looks like the Hollywood sign in this image is suffering the low LOD distance ring problem/bug/(feature?).

You can read more about all this here:
LOD Problems - Distances revisited

I’d suggest you also read this for a global overview of the different “LODs” in the game:
LOD: settings and suggestions

Thanks Captain. I’m not very familiar with Level of Detail considerations but I’m all for anything that will improve the sim’s looks and feel. I will therefore have a look at the elaborate settings described early in your second link and see if I can tweak anything for the better. I, for one, used to religiously follow a certain Nick N’s recommendations in FSX days and the franchise’s 2006 edition ran very well on my old rig, with no ill effects that I can remember.

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The “LAND” was removed in 1949, seventy-two years ago.

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That ties in. We first saw it in 1947 or 48, the letters were black if I recall correctly. Saw it next when I got back from the war in 1951.

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