Home Cockpit Multiple Monitor Features Request

Microsoft/Asobo - Please! In order for flight simmers / home cockpit builders to embrace this amazing new platform, we need the ability to map different camera angles to multiple monitors. Many simmers have up to 5/6 wrap around monitors in their cockpit setups. In addition, these extra monitors need the ability to be driven by separate computers on the same network in order to ensure a fresh GPU/graphic performance for each monitor or monitor pair. Many of us would have 3 flight simulator computers running together for 5 to 6 monitors (depending on aircraft) and a separate computer running flight instrumentation.

An advanced settings page should allow the user to enter precise parameters to set up viewing angles and bevel offsets etc. to ensure a seamless, undistorted display. These advanced camera mapping settings should also allow the user to show/hide cockpit visual elements individually, for example hide the instrumentation, dashboard, and aircraft mainframe, but show elements like the wings and the cockpit glass with the associated effects (like reflection and water) that interacts with it.

Another development that would be great for the future, is the ability to separately project cockpit lighting affects (for example sunlight cast onto flight instruments) onto our home built cockpits via a projector with a transparent background/alpha channel. :wink:

You have an incredible platform. We look forward to future developments!



Hit the mark on this one. I posted nearly the same thing a couple of times already. Our cockpits are useless, unless we have those features.

The ability to show/hide cockpit components would make for a huge advantage. In XP11 I had to delete the interior parts, and move the wings forward so that everything would line up, and I could still see the wings in the proper position.

Even the ability to move the camera right up to the side windows, would be effective enough.

Anything has to be better than nothing.


Definitely. This single monitor situation is like watching a car race through a drain pipe.


Yes, totally agree. Been using three monitors in flight sim for a long time - it has become a “Must Have” capability. This has been on my wish list for sometime for MS2020. Thanks guys!!!


It is almost unacceptable not having this feature in times like this…distorted windowed “NVidia Surround” and others are lame.


Multi monitor and undocking of cockpit displays are a must for us home cockpit builders


agreed on this one. Running 3 x 40" TVs here and absolutely needs this.


raises hand

i too would like to at least know if plans are in place to look closely at this issue.

i know that wont happen but i wish it could :slight_smile:


Agreed on this. Its not a simulator if you can’t support multiple monitors with separate viewpoints. This has been something available everywhere else for years, and is required for a home cockpit setup.


Agreed, amazing graphics for a game, but not great for cockpit sim builds. Looking forward to an update for multi-monitor support.

I guess this is still “in development” like all the flight sim apps we’ve used till now… P3D, XPlane, DCS etc.
So, I join in your request to have this facility available in the near future.

Having said that, I’ve gone from the P3D View Groups to NVIDIA Surround and actually think it seems to distort less at the peripherals than P3D did. I’m using 3 2K monitors, each about 710x400 mm.

I worry that the priority is really more about mass market gaming rather than real sim. In that case we are unlikely to see all the multi monitor, multi computer features for a while. I bet the solution they are thinking is getting VR to work. Prob right


I fear you may be correct.

We can hope for a third party to make a tool. Different cameras are already available, how hard would it be to display more than one at a time? Seems like it would be something easy to do.

Funny it has been a feature on most sims for a long time, you think if they really want to corner the market they would of added this feature in like its predecessor FSX, But i bet they are more concerned with releasing it on Xbox first

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I love the sim, but you definitely don’t expect to lose features like this.


Interesting that they were not even able to implement functionality the FS software had 20 years ago. But at least the graphics are nice…

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FS2020 with panel on second monitor
Type AltGr (right), then take the cursor to the glass panel and click it on. See the picture with 3 glasspanels


This is incredibly unnecessary Asobo/Microsoft. Please focus your attention away from modeling Giraffes, to implementing essential simulator features promised to us in 2019.


Single monitor VFR in the Cessna is wonderful and I give high praise to the team at Asobo for creating a truly GORGEOUS game. Well worth every penny at the $60 mark for this gem of a VFR game.

That said, Flight Simmers expect way more. We pay for it too. When I paid for premium deluxe, I didn’t care about the additionally rendered airports or planes… I did it to support the TEAM.

As such I have high expectations that the TEAM reads this feedback and get back to the CORE basics that delineate between Flight Game and Flight Sim.

All the needs people have been requesting are the basics that have been apart of every major Simulator for decades. Microsoft has diverted from multi-monitor, simconnect, peripheral hardware integrations… even video review/analytics… on and on… are missing. Not a bug, MISSING. This is wrong.

The issue is not Asobo. They did what they were asked to do. MSFT are the guardians of the product, they know this bird went out the hanger WAY too soon.

A type of MCAS moment all over again: Just put it out there.


How can i do that? Can you explain me step by step? :slight_smile: