Home Sweet Home (CYTS)

It’s been 5 months and 5 days since I last saw CYTS as I departed from there to our winter base in Key West.

I then did the short hop to KOPF and put the Baron in a hangar and picked up the new Kodiak.

Yesterday I completed the first leg of the trip north, KOPF → KEQY. This morning I completed the second leg with sunny clear skies.

and crossing halfway across lake Erie into Canada KEQY → CNC4. A quick stop for fuel and food and then we were back up in the air for the final leg. CNC4 → CYTS.

The wind farms of Southern Ontario were in full force.

And before I knew it the clear ground below started to turn to snow covered the further North I got.

It was nice to see (what I could see) of Runway 10 as I broke through the cloud layer into CYTS.

And then set Kodiak down on it’s new home base.


Is this an addon for YTS Airport? Terminal looks good but that building behind needs to go.

It’s not a building behind. It’s a glass window level above. The airport does have some up top but they over did it.