Honeycomb Alpha: Help with sensitivity

Hello, anyone with Honeycomb Alpha Yoke with problems to set the correct sensitivity, especially with pitch? The new updated messed up with my controls and the aircraft (always flying with TBM) is much harder to control.

Sorry for the stupid question, but the most realistic setting is a linear (0) or with a curve (negative sensitivity)? What are you using?


Linear. Same as in X-Plane.

Same for me.

What setting do you use for X-plane?

Default Settings. The Yoke is fully supported in X-Plane. Sensitivity Curve is nearly linear.

I found that at default settings, the sensitivity dialog showed a linear input on the yoke left/right axis but this was not transferred directly to the simulated yoke!

To get the simulated yoke to match the real yoke in a 1:1 linear fashion, I had to apply a sensitivity setting of +66%. With this set, the yoke behavior matches what I input and behaves as I expect.

Could you attach a screen shot of your settings?

Same link in your other threads:

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