Honeycomb Bravo GA Trim Wheel In Stock

If anyone is interested.

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Nice! Ordered right away at Aerosoft :slight_smile:

what is it :rofl: :rofl:

Just a rubber cover for the existing trim wheel?

Description says silicon I believe.

The trimwheel on the Bravo doesnt really work very well i think… the solution with using buttons for it seems not very optimal IMHO and it feels way to loose. I like the HC hardware, but the trimwheel is lacking. Deffo not gonna spend 20 bucks for a piece of rubber, even if its silicon…


You may be interested in this thread I created

Using AuthentiKit and vJoy i was able to map the button presses to an Axis and then adjust sentivity.

Works awesome!


Okey, thanks, i will look into that! I find myself using the buttons on the yoke instead of the wheel, which is a shame, as i really wanted to use the trimwheel instead.

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Ah, so it’s a heat resistant rubber cover. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Has anyone received a shipping notification yet? Ordered this as well as a dust cover back on Jan 10 with no updates. Just wondering.

Nothing yet.

Just got my ship notification.

I got mine sincea few days already.

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3 weeks from order to delivery, but I live pretty far up here :slight_smile:

I really need to clean my touch screens!

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Still struggling to see the point of it :rofl:. Is it just more tactile?

I don’t think there really is any specific point other than more accurate visual representation. Just a novelty if you want it to be more GA centric :slight_smile:

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I just saw this advertised on Mark’s flightsim hanger channy on Youtube. It looks great but living in the UK I went to the Aerosoft store and its just under 17 euro’s for the item and another 12 euros for economy postage. Does anybody know anywhere else that isn’t charging such a ridiculous amount for postage?

This looks the same thing :man_shrugging:

Actually it’s not! A copy I believe

Thanks, yes that looks like a homemade 3D printed version. I would much prefer the real thing but the pricing is rather silly. It’s 16.8 Euros for the item, 11.99 Euros for economy postage and those figures are without the 20% VAT added

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Ended op buying it. You are right, the price are silly.

Bought it because I hoped it would aid spinning faster (more mass at edge) but it doesn’t.
It pinches a little bit along the inner edge, at least untill I managed to adjust it.
Now it is like before but now rubbery. Sort of like it, but the price!

PS saw on Simhanger YouTube channel that actually slower movement is preferable as fast spinning skips pulses.