Honeycomb Bravo, is it better now?

Hello, with the Honeycomb Bravo throttle apparently finally in stock, I’m curious: seems like this thing was not working well with MSFS for quite a while. Are folks having a better experience now?

Works great for me. Hasn’t gotten better or worse, works the same as it did from the beginning.

Note though I don’t use the default bindings config; I set up custom bindings through spad.next.


I’m not having any trouble with mine.
Haven’t for a long time.



Not sure what you mean by it wasnt working, I’ve had Bravo and alpha since launch and not had any issues at all with them, worked straight out of the box. I do use SPAD though for all my bindings in general, in case that plays a part.


Never had an issue with mine


No issues with mine, installed the bridge all lights work as expected and RMAG created an amazing tutorial on youtube on setting it up for all engine types and programming the buttons.


I’ve never had an issue with mine. Works just great.

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I’ve never had a problem with the Bravo and MSFS since day one other than the throttle bindings needing to be reset (once) from default. Zero issues with anything now. I don’t use spad.next or anything. I second the tutorial on YouTube, it helped a lot because I thought mine was broken until I watched that.

Bravo is what makes MSFS for me. FSUIPC user. It’s brilliant.

Works great for me. Really makes Msfs so much more enjoyable.

Works fine. Very nice with the b787-10 from heavy etc. Buy it.

Got an issue, used it often for vfr flights in cessnas and now i have configured for a twin engine airliner and on one of my put on levers the revers is not recognising. This is on all throttle chanels so the 10,11,12 and so on doesn`t workl at all. if i put another lever tho this slider it works. It seems that one of the levers is broken. In the Windows Gamecontroller Settings is the problem i i toggle revers which is 10,11,12etc it doesn light up.

No probs with mine

Pretty good here. I don’t bother with the lights or switches (or autopilot) as I have better solutions to hand.

Nice setup! I’m curious what do you use the logitech throttle for? I ask because I would be upgrading from one of those, and wasn’t sure what to do with the old one. If I can just keep using it that sweetens the deal!

Worked out of the box for me, Alpha and Bravo from day one. Trying to customise with Spad.next at the moment.

I use it for parking brake, open/shut fuel ■■■■, and deploy deicers. Very handy.

Oh, cant say ■■■■, valve then. happy now peeps.


Lol @ everybody acting like the 10 degree bug and trim wheel sensitivity issues never existed.

Let me clarify…YES, there were problems from day 1 with the 10 degree headings (and 1000 ft alt) but they were eventually addressed. Same patch that finally fixed that issue introduced issues with the trim wheel being overly sensitive. That issue has now also been addressed.

I use the quadrant every day for a lot of different aircraft including most of the quality payware planes. Some planes don’t play well with some features of the Bravo, (usually AP features) so I end up creating a lot of different profiles to disable them on some planes.

I HIGHLY recommend the Bravo personally, and couldn’t imagine flying without that versatility. Being able to change it up to fly STOL planes, then twin props, then Aerosoft CRJ, PMDG DC-6, FBW 320, etc is just so simple and convenient. IMO, their main opportunity for improvement is a better way to switch profiles. Takes a bit to cycle through them.

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I’m interested to know how many Bravo users use their device without AAO, SPAD.next or FSUIPC, and if this is the reason for some frustration I hear (where you have to mess with, and select, from multiple profiles)

I personally use AAO, as I bought the x-touch and the Logitech quadrant when my Bravo order got cancelled on me back in February :frowning:
I’d consider a future Bravo spend, but couldn’t be bothered with the apparent profile issues.