Honeycomb Bravo Quadrant available for purchase on Honeycomb website

I have been checking daily for the bravo quadrant and it finally went back in stock. Just ordered mine. Here is the link -

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Good. Hopefully B&H will get their stock in and send me the one I ordered in November.

Yup just posted on the big thread, ordered one for the UK…

Sent my order in today…

These go quick I had to pay the bootleg price on mine ouch ! But I love it !

Ordered mine an hour ago. Said 6 Feb ship date. Fingers crossed.

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Great. Well, hopefully this includes shipping to retailers, too.

Bravos in stock at Marv Golden and shipping tomorrow.


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Have anyone ordered Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo on AEROSOFT recently and can tell me about their shipping time?

I ordered my alpha from aerosoft back in September. It shipped from Germany overnight to California. They are quick. Absolutely would do business with them again. Found a bravo at a local shop a few days ago. Received it last night and it is worth every penny.

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Ordered mine back in September (UK) along with the Honeycomb yoke… shipped today and should be with me tomorrow.!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah !!!

Anybody that ordered their Bravo around the time they first came back on sale about two weeks ago that said shipping Feb 6 should be getting theirs soon! I just got mine!

Just got mine today as well. Ordered Jan 15th from Honeycomb website.

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I want to add that I am throughly enjoying the bravo. I fly GA mainly and the trim wheel and smooth throttle have been game changers and I really like the autopilot abilities. If you are on the fence about ordering I highly recommend it.

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I have ordered there at 27th of January.
Shipping date:
Das voraussichtliche Versanddatum Ihrer Bestellung lautet: 12.04.2021-16.04.2021 (KW 15)

I hope it will be earlier now that they have them in stock … we will see.

Hello, It is not recently but same seller. I ordered mine from AEROSOFT back in 2nd September 2020 and they sent me a message it would be expected to be delivered by the end of February…let’s see as I already have a very negative experience with them.

I ordered Alpha and Bravo 2 days ago and I recieved it today. I payed 60 USD extra in shipping just to get it asap. I’m more than satisfied.

I have the Honeycomb Alpha since July, It took 1 week to arrive Aerosoft had it in stock. In Europe, you have to pay when you order and with Aerosoft the delivery is UPS truck, no other option available (with AEROTECA Barcelona you get the option to pay more and with DHL express, it arrives in one day). If things get better with COVID-19, and people are allowed to travel again, I’m ordering directly from Honeycomb - the Charlie rudder pedals - and have them delivered in the hotel I’m staying in San Diego or somewhere in California :slightly_smiling_face:

Does anybody know how I can get hold of one in the UK?
Had it on pre-order with amazon since September and tried quite a few companies since, still not able to find any in stock.


Not in stock, but rather than further enriching Amazon, I ordered in late Jan from Transair down at Shoreham. They are saying “spring” but hopefully March or April.