Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant arrived today, need to configure settings out of box

I mainly fly GA so I created one bravo profile (from scratch) for a twin and just pop off throttle/prop/mix #'2 when flying a single. Even have reverse thrust working if the plane supports it.

Question: Anyone figure out how to configure the feather side of the throttle in the TBM? I know its a prop setting but how to control going from cut-off to low to hi?

Is anyone else having AP issues since using the Bravo? I’ve had issues in both the 787-10 and TBM 930 now. The TBM doesn’t seem to be following my flight plan properly when set to nav mode. The 787 didn’t register alt hold properly and climbed from FL390 to FL530 when I stepped away. The 787 also had autothrottle issues and did not fly at the set speed. Very frustrating.

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Was just wondering this myself regarding the TBM throttle. I have a feeling you’ll have to manually move the throttle to flight idle but hopefully I’m wrong.

All - For those of you who have received TQ, how far back did you order? Did you order from HC direct? What time frame did it take to get it in to your hands? The whole world wants to know.

I ordered directly from Honeycomb the second that they allowed for preorders on Sept 1. Didn’t receive mine until 12/3.

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I ordered from Honeycomb the second the order page went up. I used the Google Pay checkout option that allowed me to skip inputting payment and shipping details manually which probably helped speed up the order process enough to secure an order before they ran out of stock.

I made it into batch 1, and they shipped about a week ago from Hong Kong. It made it to my house a couple days ago, and the wait has definitely been worth it.

Configuring the input for commercial airliners was a little tricky. I wish Asobo would add default profiles for commercial as well so that anyone could select the profile and have it running straight out of the box. But I found a YouTube tutorial that walked through key bindings for a commercial setup.

From what I gathered from Honeycomb’s Facebook page, pre-orders made from Honeycomb directly will ship directly from Hong Kong to you via FedEx International Economy. Honeycomb supposedly sent third party stores initial shipments from the week 1 production via ocean freight. So if you ordered via third party shop, you have to wait for them to receive the shipment from Honeycomb via ocean freight and then they will ship it to you.

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I ordered the 2nd of September, so mine should be here soon I hope. Email said 3rd week of December, so who knows if they have speeded up or production is higher, so maybe mine would come sooner. Thank you for letting us know. Simhanger on YouTube may have video on setting up, his descriptions are good and thorough.

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Yeap, SimHanger’s video was the one I followed to set up my Honeycomb Bravo for commercial setup. Very good, I recommend it as well.

I had a bug that wouldn’t let me bind the thrust reverser levers to the “Decrease Throttle” function by scanning. It would refuse to map, but I found a workaround. You have to select the button from the dropdown menu, it wouldn’t map if I tried to map from button scanning.

Hope you and everyone else gets their units soon, it’s really nice to have a throttle quadrant with so many functions and configurations :grin:

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Exactly the same, except it arrived on the 4th (California).


I’ve spent a ton of time over the last two days working to configure the Bravo Throttle to actually be useful in FS2020 with my Alpha yoke. There are numerous issues out of the box due to a mix of poor default configurations from Microsoft and known bugs with the controls that haven’t been fixed since launch.

My focus was on getting it working for GA aircraft, mostly the TBM930 but also the Cessna 172 G1000. All the below should apply to jets too though.

  1. Just like with the Alpha yoke you have to unmap every switch (including the gear up/down handle) if you want to change in 100’/1 degree increments for the AP controls. If you actually want to use the switches then you need to use the vJoy and Joystick gremlin hack described here. This does work but it’s tedious and requires a lot of cross-referencing to the original profile so you know what control names get used. Note that FS2020 does not handle two different vJoys so you need to create a single vJoy with 100 or so buttons and map both the Alpha and the Bravo switches to the same vJoy device (I used Bravo button number + 20 for the button positions on the vJoy).

  2. Even with the above there are some lights that fundamentally can’t be controlled due to FS2020 bugs and (as well documented elsewhere) things like the inertial separator on the TBM930 just aren’t accessible.

  3. You have to unmap any prior throttle mappings you might have on other devices. In my case I had throttle control mapped to one of the buttons on my Alpha yoke and that caused all sorts of problems.

  4. The default auto-pilot mappings for the left selector knob are trash. Like seriously “did the person who created this profile ever actually try using it with the game” trash. Unmap all of them and start over so it looks like this. Basically you need to set the increment/decrement for each AP feature to be a button combo of the left switch position and either left or right rotation of the right knob.

Once all of this is done you actually get something that works and is great fun to fly. For the first time playing FS2020 I was actually able to trim an aircraft: the rotating wheel is wonderful, and combined with the vJoy/Joystick Gremlin hack it increments in 1 step instead of 10 steps so I can really dial the trim in. Throttle is super fun to use too, and I’ve even mapped the “Go Around” button to activate FLC and HDG mode on the auto-pilot.

I still haven’t got the parking brake wired up to a switch yet, need to figure out if there is a way to do that and still be able to set in 100/10 increments while on the ground. I also haven’t figured out how to set the OBS1 CRS value using the AP controls (just doesn’t seem to work despite being configured in settings). Also none of the lights on the Bravo do anything (known issue).

I would be happy to share my configs for the Alpha, Bravo, and vJoy devices in FS2020 so other people don’t have to spend all the time setting this up too.

Oh wait. I can’t. Because you can’t import/export control settings in FS2020.


I’ve hit this too. You have to do button scanning, move into the “reverse” position, then move the lever back out of the reverse position for FS2020 to recognize that’s the right button and stop scanning. Then saving works.

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Additionally, you cannot upload a docx, pdf, txt, xls, or other Microsoft format files to this forum. So putting the mappings in a text document or trying to cut and paste here won’t work either. Now why is the forum setup we cannot share data about settings so all the community gets successful equipment? They are taking piracy to an unheard of level of paranoia I think. Yes, I get the server storage limits as well, but if more people are successful with the sim, we will quit complaining so much. It’s almost like we need our own website we can upload and share fixes out of here, because we cannot share here any documentation. Now if someone creates a guide, it can be posted in the “guides section”, but have no clue on format to do that.

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Regarding step 4, how do I set up things the way your gif shows, while also using vJoy & Joystick Gremlin? I want my Bravo Quadrant left selector knob to work while ALSO being able to adjust altitude by 100ft and heading by 1 degree per click.

Specifically, how do I map “increase autopilot reference altitude” to a chord of 2 buttons being pressed down when, if you are using Joystick Gremlin here, the whole point is for the VS position on the left selector knob to not be “pressed down” permanently?

As far as I can tell, using your method for autopilot setup guarantees one hits the “all matters altitude, heading, and trim are multiplied 10x while another button is held down” bug. I would love to find a way around this. Any and all suggestions welcome.

You don’t need to map the left selector knob through vjoy. Only the toggle switches and the landing gear switch need the special treatment.

The selector knob and right increment/decrement knob you just map directly on the actual Bravo controller in the settings. Works fine and you can increment/decrement in the correct 100/1/1 increments.

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I see… so it is only SOME buttons held down that cause the 10x multiplier. This sim keeps one on ones toes, doesn’t it?

This is great. Needless to say I was rather disappointed plugging in the Bravo and realizing just how much setup it was going to take for each and every plane!

Interesting how you set the autopilot selector bindings. I used the ‘Set Autopilot ***’ commands, in conjunction with the generic increase/decrease commands on the right rotary. This seemed to work well.

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I forget how it came out of the box already, was that basically the default config? I found in actual flight that switching the left knob would cause the auto pilot status to change too. For example if you were in a climb using FLC/IAS and needed to adjust your target altitude you’d wind up clicking out of FLC mode as you rotated the selector knob past the VS position.

One alternative might be to upload .JPG’s, .PNG’s, or .GIF’s of sufficient resolution that the image text could be OCR’d to type characters. If someone wants to try such an upload, I’ll try OCR’ing it and return the result to see how well it works. I’ve often used that as an alternative on websites that present some critical bit of information as a watermarked image to prevent some other less scrupulous website from copying and reusing the web page wholesale. Usually OCR’ing works pretty well.

Yep, that’s what I am doing. No big deal - just needed for start-up and shutdown. Thanks!