Honeycomb Bravo Throttle trim: As bad as I think it is?

Just received a Bravo throttle yesterday, and was entirely shocked to find the trim was digital.

I jumped into the forum here and is seems the solution is often spad.nxt…

Can someone using one who uses the trim wheel provide some insight?


Yes, this is a well known problem with the Honeycomb Bravo – the trim wheel is inherently limited in precision due to being based on virtual button presses, and MSFS is very bad at tracking it accurately or usefully.

There’ve been a couple years’ worth of threads on this subject, so you might want to check what’s been discussed already using the forum’s search feature.

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I did, just found it hard to believe something more recent hadn’t solved the issue.

Still a little shocked. Back it goes… maybe.

But an analog trim wheel will instantly snap the trim to the new position after you disengaged autopilot and move the trim wheel?


As you say, the solution is SPAD.next or Axis&Ohs or the freeware equivalent (there is one) - I have it set up to work very nicely alongside electric trim on the yoke. It may not be analogue, but it feels like it is.

Using a third party driver will not only solve the trim wheel, but unlock the potential of this and all your other peripherals. Well worth the investment.


I was considering spad.nxt anyway - and was going to look into it as I’m not exactly sure what it does :slight_smile:

What’s the alternative that has the trim wheel working? (I’d rather not have to constantly babysit it.)

Regarding Spad - mostly, I’d hope that it can not only correct this stuff, but also seamlessly recognize configurations when an aircraft is loaded.

For example, I may be flying a 172 with a certain Bravo configuration - if I then change the physical throttle configuration (different handle configuration), and load a different aircraft, will SPAD automatically load a new configuration?

thanks for your help!

Yes, SPAD will detect what aircraft you are using and activate whatever profile you have assigned - it runs in the background and is very stable. It’s also very powerful in terms of what you can do with it (A&O is also very powerful)

It does take some time to learn how to programme SPAD, but there are excellent YouTube tutorials and also you can simply download a pre-made profile for the aircraft/device.

They offer a free trial. The ordinary paid version is fine (there is a ‘complete’ version, but I think you need to be a very advanced user before you need that).

I used SPAD to solve the Bravo trim behaviour (too slow!) , What I was saying was that there is also a freeware device driver someone has developed. I think you can find it on flightsim.to, but I’ve never used it and cannot vouch for it (can’t even remember what it’s called…). SPAD ftw.

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Could I ask what settings you used for the trim? Do you have a profile uploaded at all?
I do have spad, but I’ve only used it on my logitech panels, mainly using/modifying others snippets so I’m quite a novice with it.

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I’ve quite a few profiles loaded either as AlpineB or BrendanGWBCH. My Kodiak Logitech+ HC profile has the trim wheel fix

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Not sure if you have ‘Axis and Ohs’ but there is a great little mod on flightsim.to which uses A&O to alter the speed of the trim wheel. Before I used this the trim wheel on the Bravo was just about unusable for me.

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Brilliant, thank you very much.

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Watch the tutorials by Les O’Riley. They are a great place to start. Just be aware some features have changed a little and Les hasn’t updated the videos (particularly to do with wether a device interface is a switch or a button)

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Haha!, glad you added the ‘Maybe’! The Bravo is an awesome bit of kit. Don’t let the trim wheel spoil it for you!

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Thanks - guess I’m spoiled by my old school Saitek Cessna Trim Wheel…

I suppose that if it can be calibrated to work as desired, a digital trim wheel can be better, since there’s no absolute position.

One thing - I have been avoiding spad.nxt because of bad results with it trying to get my Saitek Radio Panel working properly. (I bought it…) The response after being told in the forum to send a log file:

(The newer Logitech drivers worked for a bit, but no longer.)

Hmm, I also have the Logitech radio panel. In fact I have used SPAD to use it not only as a radio panel, but to set my barometer, control the knobs on the G1000 etc and a whole lot more.

One thing you must absolutely do though is uninstall the Logitech driver. It will prevent SPAD from working as it should.

You could try either the C0nnex radio panel device snippet - that mirrors the basic functionality of the or one of mine, if you want some bells and whistles.

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I would second that. I started with a basic set up for the radio and now also have it controlling the G1000, and displaying the speed and height AGL

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Yes, a bit brutal that response wasn’t it, especially also with the ticket being closed down abruptly too. On the plus side I guess you got a reply in a very respectable 69 minutes.

An honest reply for sure but sometimes a little bit of sugar helps in swallowing the medicine.

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Yes, a bit abrupt. Probably better support to be had on the SPAD discord.

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Yes, maybe so.

Looking on the bright side it couldn’t be much worse :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha, no comment! In fairness the product overall is very well supported by Ulrich - many improvements, particularly to the UI for programming the Alpha and Bravo. And I’ve found answers to many of my questions on the Discord.

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