Honeycomb Bravo users: Full functionality after SU5?

My led’s are no longer working properly. Some will light up and others not even though they are functioning. For example my Autopilot light is not coming on as well as the AP function selection (HDG, NAV, APR) etc. don’t work properly, whereas the wrong ones are lit. For example: IAS lit when in NAV mode, etc.

Also just noticed the external lights on the TBM are not functioning as they should with the Alpha. Taxi and Landing lights are toggling between them and get out of sync with the physical toggles on the Alpha.

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You need to download and re-install the driver from Honeycomb. For some reason it was not as simple as putting the honeycomb folder back in the community folder. Unistall the other through your windows uninstaller and then re-install it again. Hopefully that will do it for you.
Honeycomb Downloads – Honeycomb Aeronautical (flyhoneycomb.com)


Thank you, will give this a go.

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This did not work.

Sorry. I fly in VR only and I remembered seeing the Auto pilot light “on” one time when I took the headset off, so I assumed that they were all working since you mentioned that your AP light wasn’t coming on… I shouldn’t have assumed anything…
Let me load this thing up and will check to see if mine do work…Get back in a few.

OK, I loaded the Baron G58 and the lights on the Bravo worked, as you can see in the picture. There has to be an issue on your community folder or something else that is interfering with the Bravo.
I would remove everything out of your community folder, except for the Honeycomb folder of course, and try it again, using the same plane. It should work, and if it doesn’t, disconnect and reconnect the Bravo to your USB, after you got off the Sim. Don’t know what else to tell you.

Ok, I’ll try this again as you’ve suggested. I currently have nothing in my CF other than the AFC Bridge, FSUIPC-lvar-module and lorbysi. I will remove those latter two and let you know.

Thanks RigidAlpaca

Nope, didn’t help. CF folder empty except for AFC Bridge and no lights at all now. Very strange.

So many strange things happening right now. We need to wait a few more days for patches to be released. I was reading several other people having different issues that I can not replicate. I can see why it is difficult for the Devs to fix things since all PCs are not the same and can act differently sometimes. Keep clicking on the “ASupdater” icon that Honeycomb software puts on your desktop until they release an update. Good luck to you.

Will do. Thank you for trying.

I’ve been having issues with my lights as well. They work if I start on the runway but if I start at the gate, doesn’t matter if I start powered on or cold and dark the lights never turn on.

Very odd indeed. I’m doing another complete re-install and this time I’m keeping all my peripherals out of the picture. I will try and run the sim with mouse, keyboard and controller first and then introduce the Alpha and Bravo once I get those basic components working. If I can’t do that then I will un-install and put everything away for awhile and go fishing. :wink:

Just tested and seems to be only happening on the TBM for me.

So another re-install, the second one since SU5 and low and behold the lights are working on the Bravo again. I have no clue why/what/how, but they’re working from a cold and dark start, in the TBM (which is pretty much the only plane I’m flying these days.).

Well consider me jealous! I might try digging around seeing what other config files I can find and remove before doing a fresh install but glad it’s working for you!

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My bravo throttles detents have stopped working after SU5. I can assign them to the throttles. But they are not working in the game… I can see in the control panel in windows that they are working just fine. It’s the game that is broken. Beyond annoying.

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I’m having Issues with the Alpha flight yoke. Apologies if slightly off topic!

Since the last update, the Landing, Strobe & taxi light (3 function switches) wont work.
I’d love to download the latest drivers but they don’t seem to exist, & the honeycomb software link is not working.

Anybody else having this issue?

Hi Platoe,

Try to right-click and “Save link as” on the Honeycomb downloads page, that should allow you to download the file.

Best Regards

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Thanks Randy,

That didn’t work on my Browser (Brave), however I got it to work on Microsoft Edge.

Is the light switch problem I reported a known issue? I haven’t been able to find comment on it anywhere.