Honeycomb Yoke - Finally here at last

My Honeycomb Yoke arrived today…
Have to make a few adjustments in my settings as well as my desktop area…
Awaiting my Logitech rudder pedals as soon as they become available…
The yoke is incredible…
My X56 Hotas will serve as my throttle, rudder and other assorted controls as needed…


My Honeycomb Yoke arrives on Monday. I too am looking forward to it!

According to HC they will not take orders on the website until March 21. I won’t buy on eBay because of scalping, and Amazon is sold out as well as Best Buy and some others. Cannot fly anyway, tore tendon in right hand thumb, wear brace and may have to have surgery so not big deal for me. March is about when it’s going to be back to as normal as it will get.

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I, too, received mine today from an online retailer that briefly had them in stock at the tail end of last week. Everything I expected! Much better fine roll and pitch control than with my old CH Products yolk!

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Thats on my Christmas list along with the Bravo when available :slight_smile:

Yup I got mine as well yesterday & set it up with my joystick similar to you
Now I’m thinking I should get some rudder peddles as I do miss using the rudder on landing!

Hopefully Santa is reading this forum!

Hi @Brasstech,
I’ve modified your title to more reflect what your topic is about.

Nice setup! Wish I had your monitor! :slight_smile:

The yoke is a beast! Take care with the control mappings for the magneto switch as it can cause the 10 degree heading bug and also hyper sensitive pitch trimming. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. In the meantime I have the magneto switch unbound

See this thread and many others in the forums:

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Is the yoke you’ve been using on your world tour?

Wish I could have gotten hold on one of those in time. :disappointed: Unfortunately the delivery times are soooooo ridiculously long at the moment on both the throttle and yoke.
So I got lucky and bought a slightly used Logitech Cessna yoke (180° movement) with the three panels (switches, radio, autopilot) and two throttles. It’s not bad actually.

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Yes it’s great. You should get one if you can but they are like hens teeth at the moment. I have the bravo throttle on pre order - originally due 23 Oct, now due 23 Dec…e will see

Got that right! I can’t even buy one where I’m at. Not even online - Out of Stock and no buy button! I should have done it months ago. And I want the throttles too. :wink:

I’m still using my old CH Yoke and rudders. Rudders are actually OK, Yoke needs help.

That’s a shame. I was really lucky and bought the yoke from amazon in early August just before the launch date. Sold out immediately after that

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I tried rudder pedals but I have a chair with wheels and a hard floor. Every time I tried to push the pedals my chair would wheel across the floor! I actually find i don’t seem to be rudder pedals much which might not be that realistic!

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LOL, been there! Funny.

So there’s no company where you live that will order one in?

I took the wheels off of my office chair and put solid feet on them. I’m not sure these are the ones I ordered but here’s the concept that works for me:


Decided I could live with 32fps at 2560x1440 rez (i5-9600k+rtx2060)
With the money not spent on unobtanainable new GPU,
I am looking at getting a yoke.
Leaning towards the Honeycomb or the Fulcrum One


On the question of availability: you can get both the yoke and the throttle on ebay, if money is no issue … :grin: