Horrible performance on final Approach

I have a Gtx 1660, Ryzen 5 2600, and 16gb 3200Mhz ram, which is only mid-range, but the performance is just awful after WU4. Performance is normally good for the majority of the flight, and then final approach arrives. It has long stutters, which makes landing incredibly difficult. I’ve tried lowering my settings from medium-high to medium, and even low, but nothing has changed. The fact that this has never happened before WU4 irritates me. Any solution would be appreciated.

To add to this my Cpu and Gpu literally plunge to 0% during Final Approach and then go back to 80-100% then plunges back to 0% It’s like a pattern it’s extremely annoying.

i have a same issue using my Gtx 1050 (Laptop) when i land to the airport then it goes stutter it feels gonna crash or something then it continue as normal.

Let’s hope the upcoming Sim Update fixes this… :crossed_fingers:t2:

This is the sim loading all the AI planes on the ground.

They changed something with how ai planes are loaded into the game since the last WU.

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Same issue here running an i7 10700k 2060super although not as bad with GA but terrible with airliners.
I spend the entire day tweaking the sim but once I restart the sim it’s back to normal.
My fix reducing to 1080p.

I get this too plus the sim does a long pause as soon as the wheels touch the ground. No changes I make fixes it.

same with me bro

Try this [MSFS] Easy Fix for Stutter & Lag using Developer Mode Tweak! - Get Smoother Performance! - YouTube

I have a similar system as you have and this trick solves all my stutters and performance issues.

Hope it helps :slightly_smiling_face:

The thing is the slower your specs especially the cpu the longer the stutters and pauses.
This was the case on my older rig.A new,more powerful cpu does not fully get rid of it.You still get micro stutters but it’s a lot less.
Something Asobo will need to fix.

I see nothing regarding performance optimization for Sim Update 4 disappointing.

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To me approximately 30-40 seconds before the touchdown FPS goes to 3-4 starting. Then it frozes like a sec then it goes again above 30. After a few seconds again it drops badly but this time between 10-15. Since landing is the most critical section of the landing to me, this is very annoying since just before the touchdown when it occurs I might end up crashing.

RTX 2060, i7- 10700k and 32 GB RAM and the game is installed on SSD.

Changing the settings to low,medium,high or ultra hasn’t really changed anything. Final note, at cruise, I get 45-50 FPS.

Edit: All observations are via FBW A320.

hello freezes again with A.I traffic to on,even the slightest.

Don’t expect major performance updates until this summer DX12 and we won’t even know what the outcome is until its out.
Posting your settings might help otherwise if you use fbw mod back off of it. I have performance issues with it and use the CRJ instead.

Do we have like an expected date for DX12? I’ve seen some comments about that it would be released when the game is released for Xbox.

Yes likely around XBOX but atm no date.

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Thanks ! :slight_smile:

If Asobo makes full use of DX12 its going to be a wonderful experience!

I am also looking forward for that ! I guess right now even with a decent hardware, many people are facing performance issues.

That’s true. Seems like everyone is having a different experience and it probably boils down to what, where you fly, the addons you have installed, settings and OS configuration.
The sim runs perfectly fine with GA planes without the glass cockpits.
Flight sims have always been demanding. My current hardware is not able to reach that 60fps but I have been running sims at 30fps for years or even less and learn to live with as long it remains smooth.