Hotas One settings disappeared after SU10 update ( Series X )

I’m having the same issue. Got my Boeing yoke two weeks ago and have been using it almost daily without issue. After installing the update it recognizes the Boeing yoke but the default profile is nonexistent. I set up a new profile under the yoke which was a pain but eventually worked except for the landing gear switch.

Even the default settings are gone.

That would take hours to set everything.

Lost all my Thrustmaster control assignments and defaults on Xbox X…

No thanks from me… that is hours of work down the drain.

I flew 20 years in the military. The sim used to be fun and relaxing to play. Now it seems we need programming degrees to keep things running…

Total BS from developers, testers, et al.

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Cheers. I was on the beta and reported the problem as soon as I noticed it, a few others did too. If it wasn’t picked up or fixed in time, that’s not the fault of those who took part in the testing process.


Ok. Thank you for that.

It was NOT fixed.

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I know, which is a terrible shame and inconvenience to those affected - all I can suggest (although sadly it’s now too late for this update, as there’s no way to rollback) is to take screenshots of your controller settings for later reference should you ever need to reinput the key bindings for whatever reason. Not ideal, obviously, but at least it takes some of the aggravation from the situation if/when it arises again.

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XBOX Series X? Uninstall the game and reinstall.
All settings came back as was before, thankfully.


I uninstalled and reinstalled the game.
All controls came back as was before.
XBOX Series X

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Does all downloaded content and pay ware return?


I had to reinstall 2 aftermarket planes after the game reinstall, which I only have 2.

Same here… After last update from 3 days ago on my Xbox series X, all mappings, including default, for my thrustmaster hotas one have disappeared.
Now I’d need to set every single button and axle one by one. It’s a terrible waste of time trying to do it manually one by one, so I’ll give it a try and reinstall the game.

not certain, but your on the default controller profile, unless you Never made a change that should have a number like Profile 2 (this happens to me on pc with some updates, having to reset these, i also use a t-flight)

if you where using basic un edited controls maybe set something then go back to Default?
i imagine you solved this already but good luck if you havent

I did try that. I’ve tried resetting to defaults, create a new copy from default, and even starting from a different profile. Nothing worked… Until I reinstalled the game. Now it’s all working as before.

No problems here, all settings still there. Try reinstalling the game.