How can I apply a dead zone at the start of an axis?


I have a set of rudder pedals that output a small value on the right break axis when no pedals are pressed. When opening the sensitivity tab, I only seem to be able to add a dead zone to the center of the axis. Is there a way to enter a dead zone at the start of an axis?


Use the neutral slider to shift the dead zone to the right?

Hi Very Old Pilot,

Unfortunately, moving the neutral slider does not have the desired effect. What I would like to see in the calibration graph is a small horizontal flat line followed by a linear increase until full deflection, image attached.


Like what I just did with Saitek rudder pedals?

Depending on your controller hardware, you might be able to do that with your controller’s software, so the input the sim is getting, has already been processed.

I had this Issue with a rudder pedal brake. I solved It by using the windows calibration settings in the control panel. When It prompted me to fully retract/extend that axis, I kept it from fully retracting to the lowest value and continued to the next calibration page.

To get to this setting, hit WIN+S, type setup USB game controllers, click the device you want to calibrate, hit Properties>Settings>calibrate.

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Use this :wink:

Have you tried to setup, large deadzone
with neutral setting -100% just to get it in the left bottom corner, and sensitvity + setting to somewhat like either + or - 10 to 25% to contol the strenght of input response