How can you find ILS/NAV freqs while flying?

Is there any way to find the ILS and/or NAV frequencies for VORs and airports while in flight?

Is there a way to set up something before starting the flight that will make these frequencies available to you?

You can use Skyvector in another window, and create a flight plan and right clicking in each one you will get access to airport information and approaches and departures charts for free


Amazing resource, thank you!

For ILS frequencies there’s some options depending on the aircraft. In g1000 equipped aircraft you can find the information by looking up the appropriate airport on the waypoint page. In the A320/747 it will automatically tune the ILS when you select the appropriate approach in the MCDU/FMC.

For G1000 equipped planes, check this How-To from the Alpha: (removed)

For those who have no access to the Alpha forum, let me finish my install and check if the How-To still works, and then I will post a new How-To

I don’t think they have access to those sections.

N400PH, that link doesn’t work. I think it’s locked to alpha testers. Could you repost it here?

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Sorry, didn’t know that.

Then you should make your How-to about creating a flight plan via the G1000 again.

You could also use chartfox. Its a great site that gives you access to up to date charts from many airports around the world.

@N400PH, that’s the plan, just had some RAM go faulty on me though. Once that’s fixed up I can take some new images not under NDA and make a new public post for that.

Using Skyvector, how do I find the ILS frequency for an airport? There are a ton of frequencies listed but none of them say they are specifically ILS

At the risk of sounding like I’m trying to sell, I’d highly recommend Navigraph. Why?
It’s charts and plates cover the world, are from Jeppersen, and are updated every month. They also provide the navigation data for the on board navigation systems. And additionally they will be providing updates to the navigation data in the SIM itself. Plus the new charts will include VFR charts too. And it’s all provided with moving maps on the charts and most of the plates.


If you Bing or Google most airports the navigation data is usually in the Wiki. Just remember that the ILS frequency is runway specific and you should have the approach plate as well as the frequency of you want to do it right. There is something called an IAF (initial approach fix) from where the approach to the ILS is usually started.

(1) Click on an airport on the map or chose “Airport” from the top menu (you can search by ICAO ID or name)
(2) Scroll down to Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) Charts and chose the ILS approach you want to fly or got assigned
(3) Open/ download the chart
(4) You can find the ILS frequency here (example KSAN):

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After you create a flight plan right click in the name and chose an approach chart with an ILS and you will see the freq. in the upper left corner, not all airport have ILS, in USA the large majority do, some may have GPS approaches, or VNAV , only. Small airport , and untowered ones do not have any procedures, other than you announcing in the proper frequency your intentions to land. There are many tutorials in YouTube, and these days if you want to know anything, type the question in your browser and you will get several answers.

Subscribe to navigraph charts.
Open it in a separate window. It gives you all the chart info for airports

Hm, maybe the (great) world map should be made accessible during a flight and provide nav data information similar to what FSX did. Just better of course with the new UI.

There are variety internet sources,,
Plus 3rd paty apps Foreflight, Garmin Pilot, WingX and etc

In FSX you had the GARMIN that would provide you with everything you needed…Airport information such as Tower, ATIS, ILS, runways, etc. Now I have to go to another site to get this information or worse, pay for this information.

Next replay option may be found in the marketplace for a nominal monthly fee.

Love the graphics and the update to the sim world. However, It seems I have lost important things for flight simming coming from FSX.