How clear is text supposed to be in VR?

I’m quite new to VR, as the Reverb G2 is my first headset. All I’ve really played is MSFS and Star Wars Squadrons. I’m running a fairly modest PC (I7-8700K, GTX 1080 TI), and can get a fairly solid 30+ FPS with appropriate settings (largely based on @ CptLucky8’s concepts). I prioritze being able to read instruments and text, however, so I run 100% in sim scaling with 50% OpenXR scaling. That lets me read most instruments reasonably well, though some of the smaller text can be challenging. The loss of quality in the terrain is noticable, but an acceptable tradeoff for me.

I came accross this post, where CptLucky8 describes settings with the Valve Index that make the small green text on the TBM’s MFD readable: Is the HP Reverb g2 worth buying? - #16 by LoeweStaub8533

I can say that I really need to lean in to have any chance of reading those with my settings on the G2. I also have trouble with some other small text, like on some of the smaller G1000 buttons. Supersampling can help, but it would need to be something like 100/200, which would be unplayable on any computer in 2021. It’s quite impressive to see what the future may look like, even if it is only a slideshow today.

So my question is: what level of clarity is realistic for VR? My impression was that for its faults, the G2 had the best clarity. That’s one reason why I selected it given my emphasis on being able to read instruments. Is it that badly flawed in its impelmentation? Or might there be something off about my settings or hardware? How does text look with something like a Rift S?

To be clear, I’m very much enjoying the immersion of VR and would find it hard to go back to using a monitor. But I’m curious if I’m getting the best possible experience.

Thank you, everyone.

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I traded my Odyssey Plus for a G2 specifically because it had a higher resolution. It was a much needed improvement. I enjoy flying “steam” gauge planes and with the G2 I can more easily see what I need. It is clear enough to see the heading needle between 5 degree marks on the compass rose.
That said, I still have to lean in to see text on the 530 and focus directly at the text to see it clearly. Also, I have not spent a ton of time trying to fine tune my settings. I am using a 70 for scaling and am not using the OpenXR options.
A better example is I can’t quite make out the pressure settings in the altimeter without leaning in an inch or two or using the VR cockpit zoom feature.

Haha, maybe another G2 user with a calibration/optics problem with the headset?

Indeed, I confirm I can read the TBM small green ITT numbers BUT it really is at the limit of the definition AND this is due to using SteamVR SS 124 which I find has nice aliasing properties with the Index panel resolution helping in this case with small lines clarity ( fine grained tuning pushed to some extremes :wink: )

I’d suggest you read this first to get started:
PSA: Reverb G2 small sweet spots, observations and solutions - #115 by CptLucky8

Then the discussion from the start to get the entire picture.

I would feel less alone if you’d join the club :slight_smile:

I have both, Ocules Rift S 2 and G2 Reverb and the difference is there, with Oculus I only managed to read buttons labels if I over pixelate the configuraton (1.5 to 2x pixels) but performance is unplayable. But, with G2, out of the box, is perfeclty clear in 100/80… so it is important the headset resolution.

Thank you, everyone. @CptLucky8 : I may try out the low magnification reading glasses idea, as that is intriguing. I normally have 20/20 vision, so that would suggest a poor basic configuration as you’ve said.

I’m still interested to hear more examples of what you can all read with the G2. Thanks!

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