How do we get rid of the white dot in the middle with camera?

Hey guys,

So when using my mouse to pan the camera i get this annoying weird dot in the middle of my screen.
How do I disable that?


You can’t :roll_eyes:

… omg why asobo :joy:


exactly… major question mark in my mind as well


This is a major thing for me…after this nevertheless great update…extremely annoying…I am using a xbox 360 controller on pc and I am getting this dot whenever I try to change, using a mouse, the settings in autopilot for example. The dot appears and doesnt fade away from that point on…
I can understand its existence for the console users with no mouse but whats the point for having that on pc??
Its a major major annoyance for me…I really cant fly like that…


Is it part of the new “Lock Screen” function? Maybe you’re activating that, and perhaps there’s a command to deactivate it and the dot will disappear? I think the notes said something about using legacy mode (not legacy flight model mode, don’t do that)? Maybe try that?

I’ve tried that by changing to legacy mode but still its there.

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it’s even worse in VR when you fly with a controller. The dot appears, double vision, any time you switch camera views. Massive headaches after a short flight with view changes.

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Perhaps the answer is that MS wants everyone to move over to Xbox? I think this is their plan. Seen that white dot. Thought is was a bug. But because I can’t keep the cockpit camera view steady, it’s the least of my worries.

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I dont have VR but I can understand…
I dont think that this is their goal…they know that the pc simmers are the hardcore ones. I think that they introduced that as a good thing but its definitely not…
Its not a bug to report it but we could probably put that on the wishlist section…
I hope Jayne reads that and have a word with them… :disappointed_relieved:

That White Dot has got to go! Please? :pleading_face:

Truly bizarre that this would get passed testers unless they were all xbox testers.

It ruins the immersion completely.



My top of screen white toolbar arrow does not hide anymore, as well, when cursor moved off of screen.


I got rid of this but not im not sure how because i cant get it to come back.

Out of curiousity do you have an Xbox controller connected as part of your setup? and if so, does the dot go away when you disconnect that? Similar to @Aok7696 I have no white dot and no amount of tweaking settings can make it appear.

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Or perhaps anything that is being seen as a controller, i did see it right after the update but at some point it went away but as stated im not sure why/how.

Yes I do. It’s the only peripheral I have hooked up or use.

It disappears but reappears sporadically. The cockpit view drifts perpetually as well. Any slight movement and it keeps drifting that direction.

Bump up your Controllers deadzone a little. Stopped the drifting immediately for me. If anyhone has a Solution for the Dot, Id be really thankful

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Turn off Developer Mode fixes it for me.


The Dot or the drifting?

It’s equally annoying on xbox, tbh.
I fly with the same mouse/keyboard/controller setup on both platforms.