How does flights?

How do you save flights to the FMS CDU AND FMC? Do I need to buy an add-on?

You can’t, unfortunately.

In X-Plane 11 you can, but not in FS2020


Don’t understand.

Create the flight on the World Map.
Save it.
Or load it after saved for a new flight.

WT CJ4 only:
Save flight as above
Save the flight via Navigraph Chart.
Start FS2020.
In the FMC:

Seems like X-plane is the way to go… smh

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Plan your flight in Simbrief then import into the sim?

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Save the flight before starting (before pressing the “Fly” button). That saves it as a .pln file that you can load at any time.

But you can’t save it to the fmc, which is what he asked. Doing what you suggest does not save the fp to the fmc and it cannot be loaded from the fmc in the cockpit, which is the point I believe the OP was getting at.

In xp11, you can do both.

You can in the CRJ from Aerosoft


Thanks for sharing.
He didn’t ask that either.

@Woodssmallpc for benefiting the conversation, FMC on the default planes is an abstract implementation of a real FMC, so don’t expect much. As others pointed out, you can save and load flight plans, which are loaded to the FMC automatically. You can have external flight planners, upon loading the plan those are imported to the FMC.
Just FYI, you cannot “save” IRL either. You can recall company routes programmed in the system outside of the flight crew interface. So that’s pretty much simulating reality.

Thanks, everybody but I was asking for MSFS only! I wanted to go to my next destination without going back to the world map. I managed to do it with the B787 but not the A320 or the B737. Just wondering is it me or do I need help. I do not own the CRJ.

As I said, it isn’t possible in the A320 stock, nor in the FBW NX version. I asked them on their Discord channel. Like you, I would love to do proper turnarounds or onward legs.

The only load facility in the A320 is via Simbrief, in the FBW 320…

Many of us have asked for the same thing as you, as you could in FSX for example but to no avail. Microsobo do not seem interested in such things unfortunately.

I hope that FBW will eventually have a custom MCDU, then we may be able to do proper turnarounds at destination airports without all the problem of the FS2020 world map.

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