How does some of this stuff get through?

First let me say thanks to the team for trying hard with the last two fixes. And I just want to say, not trying to be mean, but with that being said.

How do some of these errors get out?? They just seem so upfront to miss. For example, reversing light switch function. On the new Husky, both the Landing lights and the Cabin light switches are reversed when you are using an assigned button. Meaning when you turn the landing lights on via whatever button you signed to “SET” (which means on for some reason) it turns the lights off, and “OFF” turns the lights on. The same is happening on the Asobo a320 with the Strobe and Landing lights. (To be clear, when testing these same exact buttons in the cessna 172 g1000, all lights function in the right direction aka on is on for all switches) You would think that these planes are at least turned on before a patch is pushed, lights included.

The second thing I found is also with the husky. When you pop out the middle panel which is vertical rectangle, the window is popped out as a horizontal rectangle with the image displayed horizontally.

Respectfully, how do these things make it out when they are such front facing features. Light control and the popping out of panels?? Pls guys, at least bring interns on or something. I know the team must be stressed and low on people power. But it’s just not a good look to have stuff this small and obvious go out. :pensive:


I wouldn’t call them front facing, since many users probably have a toggle button for lights in use (which work fine) and don’t use the pop out screens at all.

Also note that just because an issue is not fixed doesn’t mean they are not aware of it. If you have release date fixed (XBox release), you can’t fix them all.

Does the bug with the horizontal pop out happen on stock aircraft as well, or only on the addon one?


They’re minor bugs which will need time spent on them to fix. I guess right now every member of the dev team is rightly concentrating on major bugs which are breaking the sim. Once they fix the big things I’m sure they’ll go back and sort the smaller stuff.


While it might be true that most have all or nothing lights as their toggle, having something like reversed mapping for random switches is kind of embarrassing. It’s not like they can’t get them to function, for example the switch right next to it and the one next to that have the correct polarity. It’s not like a traditional bug where the dev can’t figure out what’s going wrong, or something related to complicated code. They simply have the variables swapped… It’s just super sloppy and there’s no way around it.

As far has having the window pop out horizontally, this is the same thing… It’s not like they don’t know how to make it vertical. They just didn’t. It’s sloppy. And as far as considering this front facing or not, there are plenty of users who pop out Windows, but even if there weren’t. You would think either a tester or dev would pop it out and say, well this isn’t right… And fix the problem immediately. (It’s not like it would be so complicated for them to do that they would have to just put it on a list of bugs)

One could say, but you don’t know how complicated it might be… Ok despite my greater instincts, i will grant that’s it might somehow be complicated for the mfd pop out. I know for a fact that it wouldn’t be complicated to fix the polarity of the switches concerning inputs.


While i understand they might be on big bugs. This plane literally just came out. Surely it had a dedicated team no?!

Edit: all I’m saying is, the thing just came out. If you are on the team making it for release. Surely, you turn the thing on, test all the light switches and pop out all the panels at least one time before release after it’s “done”. Right?! Like it feels like they don’t even care. These are basic features of any plane. I’m not talking fuel systems here lol.

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How do you know it’s easy to fix? How do you know it’s not on their list?

Maybe we can agree that the impact of graphical issues, CTDs, wrong atmospherical data etc. is far worse and affects far more players/simmers than the two issues listed here, hence they have a lower priority.

Even the fixes that you assume to be easy need to be tracked, implemented, tested (also for negative side effects) etc. And all of that requires communication and coordination.
And if the pipeline has more severe issues, yours have to stand back.

Not a great situation, granted, but it’s the situation they have to cope with, otherwise they’d have to make releases every 6 months or slower.

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I’m pretty sure i said right after that, that i will conceded that somehow it could be difficult in some inconceivable way to flip the way the screen pops out to vertical instead of horizontal. But there is no way in hell that making the way a key assignment, ie landing lights off, is actually turning the light on, off again, is hard. And i know that’s the case because you can see it’s not hard by reading the way that you make the assignment in the first place, when making a plane through the sdk. It’s as simple as flipping the variables. I’m sorry, this isn’t their first plane, and the least they could have done was check that the on button indeed turns said light on, for each light. It’s a small ga aircraft. Like let’s be real.There’s no excuse for that.

Btw this shouldn’t need to be fixed, this is a plane they just released this week, the lights should have went out the door… Working. It’s the planes light switches for crying out loud. I could see a case made for the popout windows, but even that should have gone out proper.

I’m not saying it’s the end of the world here. I’m just asking, like how is this stuff getting through, because right about now there’s a lot of careless stuff going out. Remember, there was no date for this plane, it was just mentioned that it would come out in August. It’s not like they had to rush it or had a solid date :expressionless:.

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So you just could have filed a zendesk ticket and opened a bugs&issues post for each issue you found.

Opening a thread how they could ever release an update with such “minor” issues (while there are huge others that they focused on) is what you did instead.
Good luck having them fixed :slight_smile:

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Not a constructive post imho. Too many questions that dont lead anywhere and don’t solve anything. It’s more productive to just post it under the ‘bugs’ section. More impact and less time wasted. Cheers


Basically every issue takes time to investigate and resolve, and there is only a finite amount of time available before the launch. So issues are prioritised based on impact and ease of fix. You don’t know if the issue was known about, or what other issues were prioritised ahead of it. Without that knowledge you’re just speculating as to whether these issues should or shouldn’t have been fixed before launch.

But ultimately there will never be such a thing as a bug free launch, so criticising the developers on this level isn’t the least bit helpful.

It’s also a fallacy to think that just hiring some more people will make things better. There are countless books explaining this if you are interested, such as the classic “mythical man month”.

Yep. Doing the “easy fix” quickly is what brings you the best regressions in a complex environment. And such things are the reason for angry posts that we had last year.

People underestimate the dependencies and test efforts in such software.


You keep saying an update… This is a brand new product. I’m not talking about the update! This is an airplane they released completely independent to their recent update. In terms of getting it fixed, you seem to be misunderstanding what I’m looking to be fixed. I’m not asking them to fix it, I’m asking what the hell is going on? Imagine this was the just flight piper and they released it with some switches, in a straight row of light switches, operating in reverse. (With no reason for a possible mixup like the switches being located in completely different areas or in different directions) It would look super sloppy. As it does here.

More than i want the issue fixed, i want microsoft to really reconsider what kind of quality control they are employing when they are sending things out. Because it looks bad and it’s indicative of carelessness.

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The product uses base sim features. It cannot modify the way the screens pop out or the keys are bound. It is a sim update that does that.

Again, it’s not the quality control, it’s the time pressure and priorization.
You’re arguing like these things were not discovered by testers, but how could you know?

As a beta participant I can tell you that by far not everything that gets identified by tests will be fixed in the release. That’s just how it works and the alternative would be to postpone updates and bring the update schedule to a halt. Instead they opt to release with known issues and fix them later. Which is for such a minor things a totally valid approach to roll out other improvements nonetheless.

No it’s more productive to get ppl on the team to think… Hey guys we probably shouldn’t put out a plane if we can’t get the landing lights to turn on instead of off when you press landing lights on and vice versa.

You guys keep talking about this as if it’s a problem where the lights don’t work at all. Or a random bug where if you press the button it does some other random thing and maybe they couldn’t figure it out. NO. They simply screwed up and reversed the switch for 2 out of like 7 light switches. That’s not a tight schedule thing, that’s not a omg how do we fix this thing. That’s a careless thing, and it became careless when with no schedule for release they put it up for sale anyway, either bc they didn’t take the time and test it, or because they didn’t care and figured meh we’ll fix it later.


As you said the issue applies to the A320 as well, it’s safe to say it’s not this product that is at fault, but the base sim.
The only way for them to follow your suggestion would be to not release the addon at all but to halt it until the base sim issue is fixed. Not sure if that’s what you really want considering that you still can fly and enjoy the aircraft and wait for the fixes.

Not sure it’s a wise product decision to toss out more half-finished VFR planes when all those in the base sim have plenty of trivial bugs. My guess is that the Husky will receive similar love in the future. The more content they produce, the harder it will become to avoid regressions. The maintenance burden seems to be quite high already.

I can’t shake the feeling that this is a cash-grab, nothing more.

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Assigning what a switch does, whether it’s too turn a light on or off has absolutely nothing to do with sim updates. Like not one thing. Not even close.

I will say this for like the 5th time. This plane was not tied to any update. They could have released it next Tuesday or any other day. It was a surprise release. The only thing we know about it’s release date was that they said August. There was absolutely NO rush.

Submit it to bugs and tell them. You already had two people explaining to you patiently what most likely is going on, and their assessment makes all the sense in the world. Should samsung now stop releasing flagship phones because of some camera bugs? How the heck can a flagship phone be released with a cam bug? Well…because it most likely doesn’t break the whole experience and still leaves the phone 99% usable, same goes for teslas autopilot or apples Iphone mail app etc etc…It will be fixed. The others here already answered the rest.

Maybe that’s a misunderstanding on my side?
I think you said you bound peripheral buttons to Off and On separately and they now have an inverted effect.
This would be a base sim issue.

Here’s the quote from your post:

And for me this is a base sim issue based on your description, but I might be wrong.
If all aircraft are affected, it’s unlikely you can fix this in one aircraft, you need to fix the general controls mapping.

It does apply to the a320 aswell, but you taking that to assume it must be base sim related is way off. Think about what you are saying. Plenty of planes are released with every single light switch working IN THE CORRECT DIRECTIONS. But that aside, this is clearly not related to base sim due to the pure nature of the problem. They clearly just assigned the switches in reverse. That’s it, it’s not hard to comprehend. To think that we have to wait for a game update is bizarre, all this requires is a plane patch. Both MS and third parties do this all the time.

Either way I’m not complaining about the issue so much as I’m complaining or wondering that it got released functioning like that in the first place. It would be like buying a new house and the living room light turning off when you flick the light up, but every other light works in the correct orientation. Like ■■■■, you didn’t test it before you sold it to me? and if you did you didn’t fix it??