How is LHSimulations LHBP Budapest Airport?

Hello pilots,

I’d like to know if there are people here with the LHSimulations LHBP (Budapest Liszt Ferenc) airport on Xbox. How is the experience recently? I don’t have it, I’d like to potentially buy it but I haven’t found any recent information about this content, neither here nor the developers’ Discord.

I’m mainly curious about the performance and potential CTD this airport would cause on Xbox. I currently don’t have any other third-party scenery or airport so this would be the first and only one. Any experience shared would be welcome!

One of few airports where I NEVER recorded a CTD, just like Palma de Mallorca, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Xbox Series X.

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That’s a positive outlook then. I do know the developers have spent a lot of time optimizing for performance and memory before releasing the airport for Xbox, however I haven’t heard from them since they added the new “economy terminal” building. Seeing it has a detailed interior and all, I was afraid it would cause problems on console. I live near this airport so it would be such a great addition to my sim.

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Usually, to test airports I move fast drone camera. Stuttering occurs, Budapest included, but never a CTD.

And if you spawn, say, in a Boeing 787-10 with all its glass cockpit screens at LHBP, is performance generally the same as at any other airport? I find this to be the real stress test but at properly optimised airports, even big ones, I don’t really have any problems. I can, for example, start at Heathrow which is handcrafted and have playable framerates even in the big planes.

Never stepped into 787 so I don’t know how performances are with that plane

I have the LHSimulations Budapest airport scenery on Xbox Series X and Unfortunately experienced a CTD right after touching down on RWY31L after a 2hr flight from Heathrow. Was so frustrating! Its another scenery which i won’t be using anymore now due to instability

Thanks for the feedback. In the meantime I purchased the airport (it was discounted last week) and thankfully no issues with it so far. :crossed_fingers: Hopefully stability will be improved with every update now.