How often does the Xbox Marketplace update?

It isn’t. US store prices are usually pre tax since the sales tax differs from state to state, often quite significantly.

Sales tax from European country to European country are different too though so some are getting a slightly better deal pre tax than others. In the end we all pay the same amount in € though where US customers get different outcomes depending on state.


Thanks a lot.

Anyone know if/when Aeroplane Heaven’s Lockheed Electra 10A will be on Xbox? I know it’s got issues (per the review vids I’ve seen) but I am tempted to fly it. - Thanks!

I wish it was a stronger effort because it is definitely my type of aircraft. Seeing as it’s niche and lower quality it’ll probably be out tomorrow…

All jokes aside, given we are still waiting for aircraft submitted 7-8 weeks ago, you can probably realistically be looking at 8 weeks if the developer decides to bring it to Xbox at all.

You’d think bringing products to Xbox would be low effort versus reward compared to the sunk costs of developing the aircraft but it appears MS and Asobo have attached a bunch of red tape and baggage to the process. Hopefully that is changing with the livestream Q&A comments and some more content the last couple weeks, but we’ll see.


Thursday is here and seems not much excitement surrounding what is going to drop this evening. If I see 25+ new content again I will have a big smile. At least push out what has been release for PC onto Xbox users and then focus on newer content not yet out on either platform.

I expect 24 new expensive airports and 1 updated airplane.


Im waiting so bad for the CS b777-300ER. Is supposed to be already in wait list :persevere: i hope they approve it soon

still waiting for just flight piper… .since months


FG-1D Corsair and P-38L is what I’m waiting for.

Those are all great aircraft to have and I don’t mind seeing the Milviz PC 6 Porter too.

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I think the lack of enthusiasm is due to only one or two aircraft releases on Xbox over the past few updates.

Jorg talked about the backlog and staffing adjustments they’ve made (and will continue to make). They hope to get to 50 new products a week but unfortunately the aircraft take much longer to test and approve.

If they can start pushing out new, quality 3rd party aircraft quickly I think the excitement will return.


Agree, hard to get excited. I read a while back Gee Bee was on track for this week but since when has the marketplace released anything on a timeline communicated to a 3rd party dev? Seems it would be cutting the line on other products in the hopper at this point too but looks like a fun little aircraft.

excited… for what? they taking months for just flight… months for updates for season from BijanStudio etc

Thursday again already? To be honest … zero excitement. Will be a ■■■■■■■■ update again anyway. Bredoks hot new stuff again or something nice from Mscenery would be my guess.

I have even considered spending £1500 to £2000 on a PC because I am so hungry for a decent airliner…. Hoping that the PDMG 737 comes to xbox to save my wallet .

That and the the black screen avionic bug that is driving me insane.

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Yeah on September 30th, 21 content updated for PC and only one for Xbox. They did make up for it by releasing quite a bit of content but updates seem to always be behind. Who knows some of this content could be giving me CTD which I have frequent.

Same goes for me. If PMDG doesn‘t release on Xbox I‘ll go ahead and exchange my kidney for an expensive simming pc…

A kidney? Had not considered that, how much you get for one?

I am already looking at a Ryzen 7, 32gb, RTX 3070/80 system but I would rather not go PC with all the extra hassle that involves. Would rather have the turn on and play ease of the xbox.

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I am totally in agreement. I want to get a PC just for more liveries with aircrafts that have only one or two in the game. Plus LOD could use some more improvements as i hate seeing things pop up when I fly over the area.