How to buy Cessna Citation Longitude without buying the premium game version

I love this plane. It’s super fast. It has much better avionics than CJ4. Can I buy this particular plane instead of buying the whole premium version of the game?

I would also support a request for a la carte aircraft purchase. The pricing model employed to date leaves a lot to be desired if people want an upgrade.

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Currently you can’t. You buy the whole DLC to get it. It sucks, but that’s the way it is.

And I agree. The pricing of upgrades is ridiculous and borders on robbery. But that’s how Microsoft decided to roll with this one. You either fork out the cash or go without.

I’d also like to buy a few of the premium aircraft, but nope.

That said, how much of a chance have you given the CJ4 (with the Working Title mod installed!)?
I used to strongly dislike it because it was so different from everything else, but having given it a real chance for a few flights, it’s an excellent plane with well-working VNAV and systems that feel mid-tier payware-level.

The upgrade to premium deluxe still costs a lot less than a single PMDG aircraft for P3D.


After being on sale for a year it might be nice if we were offered upgrades to aircraft and airports individually. They could charge 30 Euros per aircraft and 20 for each airport, for example. I think that they would also sell quite a lot this way.

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I’m using Working Title mod for CJ4 all the time. I have to admit that the FMS coming with CJ4 is not as easy as others(e.g., G1000, G3000). That’s exactly why I want the Citation Longitude, which comes with G3000. But I still like CJ4, because it’s lighter and more agile than huge jets(A320, Boeing 747), and much faster than propeller aircraft.

Are you saying Asobo’s generic G3000 is better than the almost complete Proline in the Working Title CJ4? That’s very interesting. I guess you haven’t done a lot of IFR flying.

No, I’m saying the Working Title version of G3000

That’s like comparing a Mercedes S Class to a Kia Forte. None of the aircraft in the PD edition are anywhere near the level of fidelity of PMDG. Hell, they’re not even up to the level of Carenado, which are basically eye candy, but with all systems working.

The real issue is the pricing structure. If someone’s already forked out the price for the Standard Edition, it costs almost as much as having bought the PD edition outright from the start to upgrade to it.

But that was likely done by design to maximize profits, knowing most people would “cheap out” and buy Standard out of the gate, then want the “exclusive” planes in PD later. I know I regret not just buying the full PD right out of the gate. I had to pay that high price of admission to get my steam gauge 172 and Baron.

That’s a good comparison. Both get you from A to B. :wink:
The functionality to do that is sufficient in both.
Some would like to have a few noticeable different cheap Kias, Hyundais etc.
and few want a single Mercedes with lots of features you don’t need for a simpl trip from A to B.

Btw. how many years did it take PMDG to make the FD useable in their 737?

I’m actually find with Carenado-class planes. They look great, fly well, and use pretty much default systems already in the sim. I quite like the extra functionality Just Flight added with the Piper Arrow series, although I’m not a huge fan of those Pipers to start with.

I don’t need anything Mercedes class, but at the same time, I would prefer that Lada not be the baseline.

CJ4’s VNAV works perfectly. When I’m decending from 30,000 feet to 2000 feet, it’s hard to calculate how fast should I descend without the help of VNAV

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30,000’ x 3 = 90,000’ take off three noughts = 90 nm

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