How to disable double airports in the sim?

Hi y’all, I just landed into OKKK Airport only to notice that MSFS automatically has double scenery on it, because it still displays the old airports (OKBK, now OKKK) together with the new one (and the new ICAO code).
This is, as you can see, the case for multiple airports with changed ICAO codes.

Does anyone know how to fix this? As this causes lots of lagspikes for me. Thanks!

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I don’t have OKKK in my copy of MSFS:


So it may be some addon that’s giving you that.

There is a bug report for OKBK being the old ICAO code:

I initially had a addon for Okkk, but since i saw double scenery I moved jt out of community and jt aas still there.

And for the other airport in the screen, I dont have a single addon for that

Do you have Navigraph?

Yes, navigraph unlimited with navdata installed

It’s possible that Navigraph is generating the airport for that correct ICAO code.