How to download FS2020

I have preordered FS2020 Deluxe Premium. According to the Microsoft page I now own the product but when I click on “Install/Play” nothing happens. No guidance is given by Microsoft on how to download. In order to log in to this forum I had to have an Xbox account even though I do not have an Xbox.
Any ideas about how I can actually download this product?

Hey @Yusuf013558, I think we have 2 hrs 40 minutes more to wait. I’m in CDT and it releases at 11pm for me (it’s 8:20 pm here).

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No its already released where I am so thats not supposed to be the problem.

Really? I would say “lucky you”, but I’m sorry it’s not responding. When 11 pm rolls around here, I’ll post on this thread and let you know if I have the same bad luck.

Thanks appreciate that. I will wait a few hours and see if it changes. I guess it was inevitable that Microsoft would screw up the release. Yesterday when it was first released the Microsoft website crashed but not sure if FS2020 was the cause.

Earlier today, one of the forum members said you have to have the Win 10 2004 update for MSFS2020 to work. You might check to see what version of Win10 you’re running. I did the update this morning, just to be sure.

Thats interesting because according to the specs it requires Windows 1903 or later. I have heard that the first release of 2004 has many problems and you need to update immediately to the next upgrade. Anyway if that was the problem it would be nice if there was a message saying that. I will try upgrading and see if it makes a difference.

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I did it this morning and it was a long update. It rebooted my computer 3 times. I haven’t noticed any problems yet…

By the way I need to install FS2020 on my D: drive as my C: drive does not have the capacity. Is this a problem?

I would install on the fastest drive possible…

Yes of course. My D: Drive is a new SSD but my C: SSD is too small for FS2020.

What time zone are you?

GMT+7 however FS2020 was released on 17 August midday GMT for the New Zealand market.

All 50 states get access at the same time 4 AM UTC (12 AM Eastern).

Makes it a good time to live on the west coast!!

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Same here westside!

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incorrect according to the MSFS blog post

midnight each timezone

I’m sitting in the Microsoft Store and it says my download is available August 17, 2020, 11:00 pm. I’m in U.S. Central Time zone. It’s 10:59 pm!

I started the download @ 11:05 pm. And so far so good!

Thats how i read it as well

Any luck downloading? I just heard from another forum that Microsoft sent a confirmation email with download details. I never received any confirmation email - only online. is that what I need to download?