How to exclude aprons and taxiways also when deleting airport buildings etc ( when making a polygon to exclude default objects)?

Hi , i am about 2 days into scenery creation.

I am able to generate a polygon to ’ exclude all’, and exclude vegetation, but the aprons and taxiways dont seem to get excluded from the satellite ground texture, in the airport in the sim. I am able to get rid of trees and buildings, but the default aprons and taxiways still show up.

Does anyone know how to exclude those too ? I dont see an option in the ‘properties’ box to exclude taxiways and aprons

I’m having exclusion issues myself, but when you set up the airport object and set the ICAO, in properties at the very bottom is a drop down “to delete” and you can select aprons, runway, taxiway, and so forth. I think this is what controls “airport” entities.

This is separate from the polygon exclude that wipes out buildings and such.

Now if only I could get the beacon tower and windsock to go away…

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Thanks, yes i found this finally. Ive gotta figure out the windsock and beacon too! Let me know if you find out.

I’ve started a discussion on the beacon issue feel free to join in and follow along!

@Airmapper Thanks for posting this fix for getting rid of default parking spaces and fuel stations. I have been trying to do this without success on an airport I am modifying. It was driving me mad until I came across this thread. Can’t believe it was so simple but of course it would help if the sdk was a bit clearer about what does what!

@SlidHydra647449 In the event you are still grappling with windsocks, an exclusion rectangle scaled down to just cover the area of the windsock seems to get rid of those. Assume it would also work for beacons.

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