How to fix this?

try to select another arrival and approach to make it more reasonable, no way to fix a default one from here as far as i know

Alright thanks

Not sure what your mean by ‘fix’. If by ‘fix’ you mean you’d like a different departure or a straight out departure then that is one issue. If you’d like to understand ‘why’ this deparute was ‘defaulted’ to that’s another issue.


Sometimes I’ve actually found that what is displayed on the world map when creating a flight plan will fix itself when i actually press the fly button and load in, and vice versa: it’ll look good on the world map but it’ll be all over the place as we see here when i start up. I used it as a good excuse to learn programming the flight plan and using the FMC manually.

It looks like you have an approach with no arrival. The arrival gets you from your flight plan to the start of the approach. Some approaches and arrivals aren’t coded correctly though, so they doesn’t help.

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