How to get Forum support? - Cannot log into the forum

I know this sounds a bit strange, since I am posting here. :grinning:

But I had to create a new “fake” MS account to be able to enter this forum.

I made a mistake when logging into to the Forum for the first time, and an activation mail was sent to an e-mail address that did not exist, effectively locking me out from the Forum. There is no way to send the e-mail again, or to delete the account and start again. from scratch . :frowning:

The team helped me - thanks a lot!

Someone is having a similar issue with another account but can’t report it.

Could a Mod send me a DM for help? The Forums have a bug and you can’t resend the activation code if it failed to send.



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Hi @AlienDjinn, myself or one of the other mods will be in touch shortly via DM. :+1:t2:

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Same issue for me, on an new computer. Thanks.

You can’t login with your existing account?

Not on my new laptop, no problem on my old one and my mobile. I didn’t receive the activation code and the only option I have is to close the messege box that shows up (below) and not to log in. I can’t find any forgot password link.


Thanks for your quick reaction.

My new account on MSFS is FAVORINGCLOUD10, I don’t know why it has changed.

Any chance a mod can help me too? Getting an Oops error now when trying to login, originally I was getting that same issue when I never got the verification email.

This is a separate account setup just to post this.

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