[HOW-TO] Getting started with the SDK / Dev Mode

You might wanna check out those guys here. Their goal is to improve the default A320 to a higher level of detail. Sure they can use an experienced C++ programmer. The project is in its early stages, but quite ambitious.


Exactly. Can we all contribute to a more finished product?

Can we get a contact with whoever develops the SDK in MS. I would like to press forward with some hardware and software that I would like to develop, but it’s not possible to make much progress with the SDK in it’s present state. Too much missing and not working, I need to know what is coming and what to expect to be able to make plans … I will put together a new company to handle this if we can see a path.


Does anyone know how to create a package that contains only .cfg and fx file updates? I am totally lost with the SDK, the none of the tutorials are any help to me (I don’t even understand them).
Thanks in advance!

Is it normal that the Windows Defender SmartScreen wants to block running the MSFS SDK installer .msi file? (The MSFS_SDK_Installer_0.5.1.0.msi.) Odd that it doesn’t recognise Microsoft’s own stuff

See various fixes in this thread. Most of us temporarily turned off just Smart Screen to do the install. I turned it back on immediately after and I haven’t had any problems with Windows Defender since. Windows defender doesn't allow to install the SDK


Is there anything in this for us Sound modders ?


There seems to a fair amount of documentation in the SDK about sound unlike other areas such as missions.

Thanks , I haven’t looked into it yet but I was hoping that it wasn’t restricted as it is in a lot of other air sims.


Will the SDK be updated automatically when updates are released?

The part for user, yes. The part you installed using the MSI file, no.

Am I asking in the wrong forum? I don’t see anything about development. Can you point me to the right forums. thanks

the other thread about discussions about SDK doesn’t allow new posts

@ZenMusic2 If you turn on Developer Mode in the sim under Options, General, bottom entry, you will then have the Developer menu system on the top left of your sim screen. The best thing to get started is then to download the SDK, if you have done that already. In the SDK in the Documentation folder there is a .CHM HELP file that gives you examples of how development is done. There are lots of posts in this forum under the Self-Service meta group category, the SDK Discussion category. Plus if you search the Internet, you can find lots of YouTube videos plus lots of posts on other forums such as FSDevelopers and Discord. You have to have a C++ compiler installed, too. MS Visual Studio Community 2019 works with the Clang package (as part of the larger C++ feature pack). There is a C++ package for Visual Studio Code, which is somewhat lighter IDE than VS Community, but I don’t know how VS Code works for MSFS SDK purposes.


What is going now in dev mode? I didn’t do these strange spheres. How to fix it?

I turned on dev mode, but got no new menu. Now what?

Oops, nevermind. I am using a wide screen tv for a monitor. Screen didn’t cover entire video area. Got it now. Thanks for listening.

Many menu options are only available in “world” mode, after you started a flight.

If you want to change/create cockpit instruments: First install Visual Studio 2019 (Community) C++, then install MSFS SDK and select “Visual Studio plugin”. Then you can compile to wasm (WebAssembly) target.

I’ve done this a few times on a couple of machines. Now I’m stuck with options greyed out.
See screenie