How to have instruments only on touch screen monitors in multimonitor setup?

My setup use N. 3 34" monitors and MSFS’s experimental features with a lot of problem every time I begin a new simulation starting from PC shut down.
(that are described in this post: [Experimental features and multimonitor : strange behaviour]

In addition I use Air Manager and MFSF popout manager to send instrumants like Garmin PFD to 15" touch screen.

But, even when finally all is setup in the correct way, I’ve a replication of instruments on MFSF that appear, at the same time, on the 34" monitors and on the 15" touch screen.

All like this:

The ideal solution will be to have instruments only on the 15" touch screen monitor and on the three 34" monitors only the external cockpit views (left, center and right).

Is there any solution?
And if yes, wich?
Any idea?
Thanks in advance

This is a common request.
Apparently, other sims have a ‘cockpit mode’ that basically eliminates the virtual cockpit altogether. FS2020 does not have this feature.

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AirManager ($40) it will give you a world of gauges, dials and switches to use and auto switch for your airplanes on your screen. I use it with two 15.6 WinMaxit touchscreens and two knobsters. Add a a Knobster and you have 100% touch and dial control over everything in the cockpit without a mouse.

Yes, I use Air Manager, but ,y question is about the istruments displayed in the 34" screen, where I’d like only external cocpit view and no instruments.

Dont understand I guess - there is a drop down in the Air Manager panel window for what screen you want your gauges on, so should be easy to split.

But isn’t the panel (along with all the instruments) still in view on the main screen monitor(s)? Using “Air Manager,” that is.


The problem is this.
Even if instruments are correctly popped out by Air Manager, they still remain in the 34" screen.
Therefore there is a replication.
I’d like to have on the big screens (34") only external views without instruments.

What you are looking for (as already mentioned above) is “Cockpit Mode” which would hide the in-sim Virtual Cockpit and just give you a windshield view and use your Air Manager panels / instruments as your actual cockpit.

This has been requested if you do a search but unfortunately to-date there is no implemented solution or work around.

Although some users will just zoom in.