How to load "Navigraph"?

I have read on a tuto, that it was possible to use " Navigraph" to create a flight plan, can we loaded it ?

It depends on what subscription you bought from Navigraph. If you have the full subscription, I would recommend reading through their forum guides which are excellent for new customers.

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I have just acquired Navigraph Ultimate and also running into difficulties.

I was also looking for some guides and How-To on the use of the Navigraph products and found the “Guides and Rules” material on the Navigraph Forums. Unfortunately these have little to do with the Navigraph Products themselves and are Guides and Rules for using the Forums.

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Go to and download the:

Navigraph Charts App
Navigraph Simlink

Follow screen directions. It is easy.

My installation:

Please note that I am flying the Working Title Cessna CJ4 Jet.
These screenshots are for it only.

WT has made the placement of the Navigraph Charts into the
FS2020 MFD possible. Most other airplanes do not have this capability.

1st screenshot. The 3 Navigraph Charts
(departure airport, cruise and arrival airport)
You can select the one that you want to display on the MFD.

2nd screenshot. The Approach Chart.

3rd screenshot. Little Navmap 2.6.0.Beta
This is a separate program independant of FS2020 and Navigraph.
I use this application to see where I am on the map (street map).
Here, I just crossed over Central Park in New York City, USA.

4th screenshot. Navigraph Airport Chart

Hope these help you.


You also need to install the Navigraph Navdata Client. Running this app will allow Navigraph to update all the navaids in the Sim directly. Fixing a lot of navigation issues, SIDs, and STARs.


sometimes I feel like leaving these forums, because of negativity that lurks here, posts like these give me hope. Its quite nice when people are helpful like this.


Yeah I agree with you there…there are a lot of people who look at the forums as being a place to gripe and complain about things. There are also plenty of people who use it as a way to communicate their knowledge to others who share the same hobby. I can’t say that either are right or wrong but I prefer to be one that tries to teach people things that i know and look for others like that.

Good job MSFSRonS!


Thamks for the info.

I will.

Thank you so very much for this :+1::+1:

Ok perfect I will get this thank you very much

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