How to remove not installed FBW A32X from Content manager?

I wouldn’t ask this silly question here if I’d be able to find an answer. This is bothering me for months now. Some time ago I installed FBW A32X from the marketplace. I already uninstalled it but somehow I can’t remove it from the Not installed section. I can’t find it anywhere in the Community folder either. How do I remove this since I do not intend to install it ever again from the Marketplace?

It needs to be removed by Asobo. For now, we need to just ignore it.

Maybe worth a wishlist vote? I dislike seeing it also :wink:

FYI for others reading this thread:
This was the original FBW 320, (A32NXW) but had to be removed from the Market Place for issues long ago discussed. Be sure this version is removed, if you have it, and Do Not try to reinstall this version.

Edit…FBW statement 21/09/16


This caused me trouble yesterday and I’m sure I’ve made this mistake in the past. Every time there is a world update or system update I hit ‘Select All’ in the content manager for download as usually there are a number of items to update. The A32NX installed from the marketplace and conflicted with my FlyByWire installer version and it took me quite a while to figure out why I couldn’t get past the loading screen for a flight since there are no error messages.

User error for sure since it’s in the ‘Not Installed’ list and not the ‘Update Available’ list, but this is a bit clunky since no one should be flying this version anyways. Sometimes I put the game down for a few months and I end up having to relearn solutions to problems like this.

Your probably not alone!

hmmm, I wonder now, if this isn’t one of the sources of other issues?


Probably worth another formal announcement.

I guess we’ll be looking at this artifact for some time to come.

Edit the file Content.xml. There could be a legacy entry for FBW in there that never got removed.

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Nothing left over in there.
Thinking… because it’s tied to the Market Place, it’ll be protected and buried deep, if it’s even able to be seen on our end :slight_smile:

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