How to reset bandwidth limit after deinstallation - Steam

How can i reset the bandwidth limit i have set in my steam version?

I had it set to 5 Mb because of the slow connection, due to a failure during updating i had to deinstall it and now i can’t download the new installation although i have now an 100 Mbit Line.

Here is a link that might help.
Your settings, as you know, are kept “in the cloud” and are still active.

Following this procedure, including removing the folder, will get rid of your settings.
Whether the bandwith limit setting is in that group of settings, I don’t know.
It won’t hurt to try.
Backup the folder just in case!

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That did the trick, thx. It drove me nuts and i didn’t find a solution for this.

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Just want to say thank you so much for this. I’ve been looking for a solution for MONTHS (during which time I haven’t been able to play) and have had extensive conversations with their support who could not solve this problem. I’m glad I finally stumbled upon this solution because it solved my problem! Thank you!!

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