How to Reset Voices

Is there a setting to get my AI pilot voice back? On my last flight I got the infamous “Package out of date” message. I said “no”. All is well except the voices changed. I want to get back an adult male voice back for myself. I thought it was funny listening to me as a young child or female (I can’t tell) but the joke is over. I would like to find the voice setting for the pilot.

Hello @WideTracking

It’s related to the larger conversation here, which we encourage you to participate in (and vote as needed). Part of the symptoms are that Online Services is shut off, so what you’re hearing are the locally installed voice packs. The ones you’re used to hearing require an Azure Server connection. We also moved your post to #bugs-and-issues:miscellaneous where it can be found easier instead of in General Discussion. We also added some tags to help users who search by those terms.

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Thanks Casual Click. I have been following (and voted in) the “Playtime gone” thread and mentioned this there. I thought it was trivial compared to the mess others are experiencing. Plus, I hoped there was a setting for voices. (I hoped it was something as easy as selecting a different pilot avatar… it wasn’t)) I didn’t know it’s an online vs offline issue.

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