How To Set Navigation Waypoints (Lat/Lon)

Is there a way to input or generate GPS coordinates and have them show up as POIs or a destination?

I’m trying to find a location in northern Canada that has no roads or other reference points

The flight plan system might have that capability, but I can’t see the lat/lon or enough resolution on the area to fix the point visually.

I see a lot of sophisticated looking electronic screens, but none where I can enter a GPS waypoint.

Any suggestions appreciated, including if this is the wrong place to be asking this type of question


I’m looking for the same answer :). I would be great if we would have a way to create custom GPS waypoints

Go to the map, set a dep and arrv airport and “Low Altitude Airways” or “VOR to VOR” find the coords for your location on google maps, copy/paste them into the search function on the world map planner thing in game and it’ll bring up a custom waypoint. Press “ADD” when you click on it and it’ll make a waypoint.

Make sure the NAV on your plane is set to FMS.


I came across a similar way to start or end from a Lat/Lon, which was what I was after…

Google Earth the spot you want, place a marker, then from the “Properties” of that marker, copy the lat and lon.

Then in MSFS2020, paste those values into the “Search” function and select either “Departure” or “Arrival”.

If you want to be able to see the “Arrival” point, enable “POI Display” and it will show up on the horizon.

Noctover’s solution is much more powerful, and allows for more than just a single Lat/Lon

I’m going to have to read up on “FMS”


Following the searh method with VOR to VOR, I managed to make a .fpl file for my navigation with my own names for each VFR waypoints.

I have just replaced ATCWaypoint id value with mine…

    <ATCWaypoint id="TF-PV">
        <WorldPosition>N43° 17' 35.88",E6° 9' 10.02",+003100.00</WorldPosition>

However I haven’t find the way to specifiy my own waypoints altitudes. The program calculates automatically altitudes according to the choosen cruise altitude and the take off and landing altitudes…

Is it possible to edit the name of the added waypoint to get it to show up in flight?

There is - via a text editing method however, Squirrel made a good video on it. I generally just leave it as custom to visit somewhere. I’ve been using google earth to find places i wanna see and just set a flight plan to each custom area using the search function, im not too concerned about keeping them myself.