How to set up 3 monitors

Yeah I think you’d get used to whatever you set up, but I’d suggest trying it (settings can be reversed) and you might find you can get a better surround experience. Either way, knowing how the settings work helps to figure out what the sim is trying to do.

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I disabled Surround and created my ‘windows’ in MSFS. It looks pretty good and I set up all the offsets so that the horizon is nice and straight all around.

The problem I have is that as soon as I bank the plane or look up or down from horizontal (I have TrackIR), the horizon ‘bends’ at the join of two monitors. One view pivots clockwise and the other anti-clockwise. Perhaps the mulit monitor and TrackIR will always have this conflict?

I don’t use TrackIR with iRacing so this isn’t an issue.

Got it to work with the help of 2 sons who are avid gamers. I think my graphics card is NVIDIA 1660, and it seems to work very well with 3 monitors. I don’t worry about frame rate but rather see if everything is moving smoothly. Flown over busy places like Klax, everything went well. but I had to move a slider bar for something to make it work, which lowered the detail. I would like to get a new graphics card, and my kids told me that the new 4000 whatever is now available for $1,700 bucks. But I’m having fun with what I got.

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I don’t have TrackIr but wonder if a roll adjustment of the windows might help? It could also be that the adjustments needed are simply not programmed into the sim yet.

I highly recommend watching (or having your sons watch) Jon’s video from BuildPicker, where he goes through what computing resources MSFS uses, and then compares the various CPUs, GPUs and RAM configurations. He may update his results at some point, now that new versions of Intel, NVIDIA and AMD products are just being released this fall, but currently this is great info:

In short, whenever investing in a PC for simulation, always try to get the newest CPU, because each generation has efficiencies, and larger L3 cache, but you only need 4 to 6 cores, more are not needed for MSFS.

Next, you want fast RAM, 16 to 32 GB, 3600 MHz, with low latency, like CL16

And for GPU again each new generation has efficiencies, however it’s easy to overspend if you only have 1 monitor. The higher end GPUs are really only needed if you are driving multiple monitors, and/or higher resolution monitors. For example, currently it’s pretty hard to drive 3 monitors that are 4K resolution each. However, 3 that are 2K is working for quite a few.

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Here’s a video by P. Gatcomb that shows the initial setup/use of the Multi Window feature:
P. Gatcomb - Multi Windows

And here’s one that explains popouts (mentioned in original post):
P. Gatcomb - Popouts

Finally, a part of a longer video showing how to set up Multi Windows and explains the use of the Rotation offset:
Overkill Simulations - Multi Monitor Support

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Thank you. I think I’m asking too much of the new feature. I can set it up so all the view angles are correct but once I change the plane of my eyes it needs readjusting; a kind of dynamic adjustment system is required. I was expecting it to be like VR :crazy_face:

Not using TrackIR was okay for racing games as I mostly looked ahead and used peripheral vision to see cars next to me. With MSFS I need to look around more such as when in the circuit. I think it’s going to be a choice of 6060x1080 stretched across three monitors, or accept that some straight lines are going to look crooked. Cheers! :+1:

Once I got everything close, like when flying straight and level the horizon is one line across three monitors, I noticed that road would change angles as they passed from one monitor to the next. I was really apparent looking at run way lines. I have 3 monitors that are next to each other like three adjacent parts of an octagon. so, I moved the side monitors to make them at closer to right angles with the center monitor, and it made a difference. If you go to youtube, the guys with 3, 40 inch monitors have them set up like a box, 90 degree angles. Mine are now at less then 45 degrees. It made a difference. Not perfect but better, BTW, flying in the alps with 3 monitors is a real gas.

It works fine and looks great when flying horizontal, but when you bank the plane stuff doesn’t line up anymore from screen to screen.

I just put 90 and -90 to get a continuous image in the menu… You can’t move the view horizontally I think? So not sure how you’re supposed to use another angle than 90.

Edit-- Zoomed in and it helped a lot. Now I need a video card that can do triple 4K!

It does indeed.

I’ve made mention to this helping in a few other topics, but not many people like to lose view of all their instruments.

I have three monitors and I finally figured it out thanks to the videos and links posted in this thread. It took me quite a while to realize that I had to set up three windows in the experimental windows set up section, initially I thought it was only necessary to set up two.

I have to say I’m extremely disappointed with it and it’s a no Brainer for me to decide to go back to the old Nividia surround arrangement. The problems with this multi monitor support set up are many. For one, it’s been impossible to align things well enough so it looks great. Maybe the few talented computer brainiacs have figured out how to make it flawless or near flawless, but for me, I just found the off alignments, though supposedly small , just way too noticeable. Also, when you’re in the three windows modes, there isn’t the pull down menu at the top so one can have easy access to those menu options like weather, and AI assistance settings, camera etc, I know how to access those but one has to go through a lot of trouble going in and out of screens to do so and there’s just no way to easily access everything one needs to have quick and easy access to in this mode, especilally if you like making videos, it’s too complex and distracting dealing with it all. I was really looking so forward to the day multi monitor support would come to the sim but like I said , it looks aweful even if you’re just a little off or out of alignment and there are visuals that don’t make sense when viewing in external mode.

If you have been unable to align your screen in a way, that makes sense … I would guess, you did not also adjust the Zoom-Setting for the Cockpit Camera?

That was at least the missing link in my case.

I have 3 monitors and it is fantastic. The way they do it it’s a little off, but way acceptable. I have no problem with the pull down menus at the top, and something else. you shouldn’t have to mess with the main monitor, only the right and left ones. I will say this, it’s way better than what I saw in XPlane.

I did not know that. At first I did have it set up with only adding two windows but the middle monitor’s resolution isn’t very good, it’s nowhere near as crisp as the windowed ones. And then I saw a video instructing setting up three windows. Well, I’ll see what I can do about the middle monitor’s resolution setting then. If I can make the middle monitor as crisp as the side windowed ones, then that would change things quite a lot cause I can’t do videos of the pull down menu is not showing. So now I will see what I can do to make the middle monitor look as sharp as the windowed ones. The natural full screen resolution of my middle monitor is 5760 by 1080. Before update 10.0 came out , that’s the resolution setting I used and it was very sharp similar to the side monitors are now set at 1920 x1080. I’ll try setting the middle monitor (which is the basic resolution in the game) to 1920x 1080 but I lm pretty sure I tried that and it didn’t work . The recommended fulls screen resolution the game selects is this 5760x1080. I’ll go back and try the main game setting resolution to 1920 x1080 and hope that works. I don’t think it will becuase as I said , before 10.0 it was only this 5860 x 1080 that worked for a sharp screen. Let me fiddle some more with it then.

No, I didn’t mess with the zoom. Is that the secret to aligning the screens? I’ll try that then. Thx

I also saw that. I noticed that when I am in this 3 screen multi-window view, I actually have 4 windows, Window 1, Window 2, Window 3 and behind Window 2, the actual Windows Flight Simulator window with the pull down menu for Weather, etc… Sometimes it is minimized to the Task Bar.

I don’t have that problem. I remember that when I was setting it up at I once had a view looking back, but started over. I have the pull down menu at the top and use it all the time. I have 3 monitors, and no problems. As I remember the 2 side monitors start on the main monitor then you drag them to the screen you want.

I’ve got things looking much better now and the zoom feature surprisingly did make a pretty big difference. And I fixed the resolution issue on the main screen so it looks just as crisp as the sides monitors. I just need to play with the rotational offset settings to perfect it is my guess.

The only remaining drawback I can see now is that you can’t click and drag the drop down msfs menu windows. Of course one can minimize them, but they still end up in the way especially when they are all crowded together on the main center screen. And I find I have to use at least the camera , weather , and the ATC communications windows on each flight, and then I also use a pushback helper that comes from the top drop down menu , so that’s already 4 windows from the top menu bar I have to minimize and expand all the time. Would be so way much easier if we could click and drag these pull down menus from the center monitor over to the sides of the side monitors so the main center screen is always free and clear of these distracted visual obstacles . Then again, maybe I complain too much lol.

Ya all let me know if there is a way to park some of these in game msfs pull down windows onto the side screens. I love making videos and these are smack in the way of the primary center acreen visuals.

Simply press the middle button in the top left corner of the ATC window, for example, then drag it where you want. It works for the ATC window anyway. I think weather will work the same. Don’t know about the pushback.

I have it almost right, considering this is still ‘Experimental’. Presumably that indicates there will be programming adjustments by Asobo. It looks pretty good to me. Mouse adjustments are not very precise, I entered small adjustments manually. I solved the access to the pull down menu by moving that screen to the monitor I normally use for Air Manager, since I’m not using AM yet for helicopter. The popped out screen I put on my Android tablet with Space Desk. There I can monitor Alt/IAS. The monitors are Dell 32" Curved. All three at 2560X1440. I haven’t tried my head-tracking (the Grass Monkey Hub) yet, maybe tonight.