How to share marketplace content with children accounts?

I am using standard edition of Flight Simulator on 1 PC for 3 accounts (me and my 2 children).
With a custom folder installation, it works fine.
Today I bought the MB-339 Aircraft in the marketplace.
I successfully downloaded the aicraft on my account, but the aicraft is not acquired on the 2 children accounts.
Is there a way to share the aircraft for the family, or do I have to buy it for each account ?
Thanks for you help.


This was mentioned in the pre-order FAQ before release, but I cannot find it anymore…

Family sharing is not enabled for MSFS as licences are tied to your Microsoft Account.

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This realy sux.
You can share game licence but not market items. :((
Same thing like Minecraft. :((
They are closed every ingame market to primary account and ignore family sharing… its realy annoying… I will definitely not pay a child for an expensive model of an airplane to fly with it for 30 minutes and then never touch it again.

It is terribly expensive and illogical. The content is already downloaded to the console … only the license check via the parent account and home console is missing.

Frankly, today this discovery ruined a nice day for me and my son.

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Hi all,

Wonder if you can help. I am part of the beta program on Xbox though I don’t know if that is the cause.

Problem is, since using Flight simulator, for months my child’s account has been happily having access to all my paid content. I think since the last update all of a sudden he doesn’t have access.

Eg 2 x Carenado planes; airports; 4Simmers A320 liveries.

Any ideas please? I’ve checked and nothings changed with regards the family accounts on Xbox

Apologies for bump but any ideas?

Have been sharing all my various add-on content for months, then on the last beta update the Xbox child account no longer has access to any add-ons?

I’m hoping the next update or SU10 will return things to how they were.

Anyone noticed this?

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Yes, I noticed that too. I think it’s terrible! I was previously successfully sharing with my son. He’s 11. Is that a crime? It makes me think twice about buying anything in the sim.

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I seriously hope and expect that this is a bug or error.

Does Microsoft think i should shell out nearly £20 for an airport mainly used by my 8 year old, and then find he can’t use it?? Or the liveries for the A329 i wasn’t particularly fussed about (i mainly fly GA) but bought cos he loves easyJet?

Should my 8,yr old then raid his piggy bank and buy them all again himself?!

Pretty mean spirited that and I’m frankly appalled. I expect them to have a little word with themselves and ask should each and every member of the family duplicate the cost of each addon? Talk about exploiting your customer base.

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I completely agree! I too have made purchases in the game which were mainly intended for my son. This is the way families work! We share what we have. It’s very disappointing.

I think a representative needs to explain the rationale here.

After all we share the core game between family members so why not an add-on? There isn’t a consistent approach there. Surely we don’t need multiple purchases of the same add-ons to allow each family member to use it

Hi, I’ve created a Wishlist topic for this


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