How to show/know the wind speed/direction on a GTN750?

I have the Carenado Mooney with the GTN750 installed and can’t for the life of me see where I can view wind direction and speed in the cockpit.

Any help appreciated.

That’s because you can’t. Problem solved! :wink:

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Actually you can. Wind is an optional display item on the GTN. If you delve into the map settings you will find that you can configure one of the 4 display items in the corner of the map to wind. There are many others too.

Not that I can see, I am in the map menu and the only there is no wind option. NEXRAD is available but it does not show the wind. Are you sure you are not getting confused with the G1000 ?

You have to dig deeper than that menu. Trust me it’s there I have wind on my GTN. Not at the sim else I’d tell you exactly.

The GPS obviously knows it’s groundspeed and ground track, in order to determine the wind speed and direction it needs to be coupled to a heading source and an air data computer for the TAS. I looked up a photo of the Carenado Mooney and I doubt it is that advanced.

Map menu > Change fields > Click on one of the 4 text boxes you’d like to replace with wind direction and speed > Select it from the menu.


I doubt the real aircraft is able to do that. I don’t think that Mooney has a digital heading and airspeed source coupled to the 750 in order to determine wind direction / speed.

Well, as I’m sure you are aware, this isn’t about the real aircraft :grin:

Its supposed to represent the real aircraft though :joy:. I don’t own any Carenado products but as I understand it’s good looks but not much system depth.

Hi @slackpanda1878

  • Go to the Menu
  • Go to Change Fields
  • Select a field from the 4 available
  • Scroll down the list to Wind Speed & Direction
  • Please also change your selected solution to the correct one


It ain’t…

Actually it is. It’s too bad that the GTN developer has decided to make it a smorgasboard of things people want rather than a 750. Oh well. I learned my $25 lesson.