How to successfully pass the IFR/VOR/NDB/ILS lessons?

Hi all!
I was wondering on how to pass the last 4 mission/lesson on IFR and VOR of the flight school… After a lot of try i cant take more than “C” with about 2390pt in the 4th mission… Can somebody make me a tutorial, please? I have some problem also with all the other (NDB-ILS-IFR) because i fail after some minute of flight… Thanks soo much!


For the VOR and NDB lessons, don’t use the G1000 NXi. Use the stock G1000. As for the ILS and IFR Test lessons, they are going to have to be fixed by Asobo.


Are those bugged?

I was wondering what’s up, cause I’ve been trying to do the ILS one, I’m pretty sure I’m doing everything correctly, yet every single time I touch down the instructor yells “watch out!” and I fail.


Me too. I didn’t see anything in the forum; I thought it was just me. I’m using the stock G1000. #pc Microsoft Store version.

The 1st thing you have to know . It’s " How to successfully pass " not “pass successfully”

Hi, I’m from Brazil and having exactaly the same bug when landing in IFR ILS lesson. Using PC Game of the Year version. Tried thousant times without success, even doing it perfectly.

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Hey @StefanoJM ! Welcome on board our community and also welcome to the forum! If you need help dont be afraid to ask me! :wink:

I can confirm. I also fail the landing mission for some reasons…


Yes, the same happens to me. I think the last 2 IFR tutorials are bugged on the Game of the Year update (and the last one from VFR tutorial)

Hi everyone!
I have a couple of questions regarding VOR and NDB.
I am a newbie and going through the training missions on my PC

When I start the VOR training I have to turn on the CDI indicator (it took me 30 minutes to find it.
In the NDB lesson I had to find how to turn on the NDB arrow.

Is this normal? Looking into the videos it seems to me that those indicators should be there right from the beginning.

Is that a bug or do I have to change some settings?

My second question is regarding the NDB training.
I am asked to follow 180 for such a long time that the indicator actually points to 360 degrees. When I turn around the lady tells me to go back to 180 degrees.
Does anyone have an idea what I am missing?

Thanks for your help


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This game is sooo boring and bad- I mean it’s a nice and great looking game, but so full of bugs. Bugs with the bushtrips, bug with the training lessons -btw on the Xbox. This game is absolutely frustrating and kills the game fun!!!

I have the same problem with the last two lessons.
On the second to last, i do everything correctly, according to the tutorial, and grease the landing, but I get a “WATCH OUT!” And fail.
On the last one, after regaining 110 kts and new heading and a “well done” there are no more instructions no matter how long I wait.
Have to think its some kind of programming bug.

I might as well add my experience to the group. Same problem as the above guys. I hope they get it fixed so I can get my instrument rating.

Users are confirming it’s fixed on the current beta test release.

This - a lot of things break with the NXi. For example, the wrong CDI is selected and the tutorial thinks that you can’t fly at all.

This bug should be still active. I have the same issues described here.

  1. the tutorial start without the right istruments selected.
  2. the NDB lesson is never ending. II saw a video on you tube where the instructor at a certain point ask to turn. To me he never ask to turn and if I try he says to continue to keep the route. After many minutes I gave up.
    This is really bad.

I finally passed all the tutorials, however since the last upgrade the ratings have all disappeared, like I haven’t even done them. Same thing with landing challenges, all my ratings have reset to zero!
Get to practice all over again.
Also a very bizarre experience when during a flight I decided to add some rain, was flying into CYVR , Vancouver BC Canada, very rainy place.
Instead of rain I got a hurricane! I was violently thrown up and down, upside down, plunging dives and such, very exciting and proud that I could recover the plane and land. Phew what a ride!
Good thing it was all digital.

If you have the G1000 NXi mod, you need to temporarily disable it and then it should work.


This lesson does seem to me still pretty screwed up?
Anybody tried it recently…?

I managed to get a B without really knowing what I was doing, I then watched a long Youtube video, I now know what I’m doing (I think), and all I get is low scores. That green centre line, never wants to stay centre however much I deviate from course to try and correct!


Combination of poorly calibrated joystick and poor pilot skills. Got my “A”. Works fine put it down to user error… Sorry.