How to troubleshoot MSFS freezing up

Since SU14 MSFS “freezes up” at various time in a flight. The only recovery is to kill the process.
So I would I go about troubleshooting this?

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There are probably a near limitless list of things it could be. The #1 thing to try would be to conduct some flights with an empty Community folder. Ensure you are using MS/Asobo default aircraft as well.

Other things to try will get progressively into straw clutching territory, like scanning your disk for errors, or checking OS integrity.

Some of these steps may be on one of the “Support” sub-pages at the top of the screen.

If not, see below:

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Thanks for the info. I have tried all the things I could think of like the above.
I just happen to have performance monitor open today when it happened. Looks like it just stops getting data from MS.

this same thing has happened to me about 5 times since SU14, all the graphics freeze but the sound keeps playing. Since the first one, I’ve updated drivers and removed some add-ons from the Community folder. It hasn’t happened enough to see any pattern and has occurred at least once with a default plane.


I even did a format and reload of the PC so it’s got to be an issue with SU14.

Did you ever find a solution or is it SU14? I’ve been having this issue, as well, as you described. The graphics freeze up, the CPU processing goes to 0 for FlightSimulation.exe and it can lock up for anywhere from 5 seconds to 30 seconds and can do it 2 minutes, then 5 minutes, then go 10 minutes, the back to 5, then back to 10, then 2, etc., with no rhyme or reason. I’ve cleaned out the Community Folder to no avail. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, uninstalled and wiped out everything in AppData with no luck.

My next step was to format the PC and start over, but I want that to be a last resort.

Yep, add me to the list. Happens when my community folder is empty also.

Nope, haven’t found a solution. I’ve had it happen too with an empty community folder (but I was flying a recently-released MS add-on from the Marketplace at the time). I keep a log of when it happens, what plane I’m flying, where I’m flying etc. It happens pretty randomly about once or twice a week, and started doing so just after SU14. I’ve even had it happen as I was exiting a flight (after I told it to return to the main menu and it was showing one of those screen shots after leaving the flight)

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Same here. Especially with Fenix. Graphics stopped but sound continued. I could not close the sim other than end of task in task manager.

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I too am having this issue since late last year. It’s become extremely frustrating. Happens ever 2 of 5 flights, approximately. Any idea on how to troubleshoot this (still happening with an empty community folder)? Is this an MSFS issue? Third-party developer issue?

There are no solutions, i think its FS with SU14.
Drivers reinstalled, old driver tested, without scenery mods tested, nothing changes.
i read on the fenix discord server lot of users which have problems with SU14, Fps legs, freeze …etc. I think we are need to wait for Su15 + (maybe new driver updates)

There are two problems causing this: Windows P-Cores management (in general default heterogeneous cores management in Windows is simply a mess) and MSFS own memory management. The second is expected to be addressed (or at least started) by SU15 if I understood it properly. For the first you can just sit and wait… What you can still do is to force MSFS to use your P-Cores only (it´s similar to a manual affinity setting).


I’ve gone almost a week now with no freezes, after reading on another forum that Live Traffic might be a culprit. I switched over to AI traffic last week and so far no freezes after about 20 flights. (Normally I would have had one or two by now). Not sure if it’s a fluke yet. I’d be curious if anyone’s had the freezes with Live Traffic disabled.

Sim froze on me this afternoon while taxiing at Jandakot (YPJT). I had been flying for about an hour, landing at multiple airports in the vicinity of Perth. I had to kill the MSFS process using Task Manager. No errors or warnings were reported in the event viewer application or system logs.

What was interesting was what happened at the moment of the freeze:

As I was taxiing, the red vehicle (arrowed) proceeded me down the taxiway. The line of vehicles on the right were stopped, presumably to let me pass. The red vehicle starts to turn right and “collides” with the fuel truck. At that instant, the sim freezes.

I wonder if there is a logic mis-match in the red vehicle’s path code. The logic says:
A) If a user’s aircraft is behind you, proceed down the path vector & take the next available path vector off the current users’ path vector (the blue arrows).
and also says, elsewhere in the code:
B) Don’t turn onto a path vector that is occupied with stationary traffic, or has traffic coming towards you.

At the moment of the freeze, the red vehicle says: OK, turn right. Ooops, can’t turn right…turn right. Ooops, can’t turn right…turn right. Ooops, can’t turn right…turn right. Ooops, can’t turn right…turn right. Ooops, can’t turn right…

Hence the freeze! :unamused:

Partial Specs & settings: i7-12700K, 32 GB 5200 MHz DDR5 CL40, Arc 770 (16GB).
Graphics Tab: TAA, Render resolution 1700x931 / 125, 100% MRR (60 Hz), DX12 Beta, TLOD @ 250, Other settings - all Ultra
Traffic Tab: Aircraft Traffic Type - Real-Time Online, Slider Settings - All 100%, Generics (AI, MP) - Both Off, Show MP in Vicinity - On, Traffic Variety - Ultra
Data Tab: Data Connection: All six options - On, Rolling Cache - On
Developers Tab: Developer Mode - Off
3rd-Party Addons: None, Community Addons: 1 (Weather Presets - Clouds)
Build: SU15B

Note to mods: would this be considered an “old bug that still exist from previous versions”, or should I create a new bug report under Sim Update 15 Beta / Scenery & Airports?


Have you guys checked if, in the Event Viewer, you have an error for Microsoft Game Input? I noticed that it was crashing in my system today, with this happening to me for the first time.

Yes, and I’ve seen it to, but there is not a 1:1 correlation with freezes in MSFS on my system.

so I went a full week without a freeze (after Turning Live traffic off and switching to 100% AI traffic). Today I switched back to Live Traffic and within an hour into a flight I had a freeze (but w/ sound playing). So back to AI traffic for me. I’m now pretty confident that for my system’s freezes, it’s Live Traffic + SU14.

Right after I started getting these freezes (not long after SU14 was released) I looked at Event Viewer and found no specific error repeatedly correlated with the time of the freeze. There were certainly a few errors logged around the same none that were the same each time as I recall.

I saw that related thread over on the beta so I wonder if this freeze issue will get a bit more attention.

@dccp38: Out of curiosity, were you near (let’s define that as within 10 NM) any airport at the time of the freeze, and/or were you approaching an airport?

I have certain flights, example between KATL and KLAX, that 100% freeze if you take the exact same flight plan route. 100% it will freeze up during a flight at the exact same place every time. Same with a flight between KSEA and KBOI, there is a spot that freezes up in flight at the exact same spot every time. Alter editing the flight plan to miss the point where it freezes, it does not freeze.