How to turn up Data Limit when an update is forced?

OK, I turned down my data consumption limit when playing FS. Now it’s forcing me to update but my low data limit is making it real slooow. So how do I increase my data limit if I can’t get past the update screen?

Your data limit is the amount of data not the speed.

Thanks, do you know if I can turn off my PC during the middle of an update and have it resume where it left off. These massive updates are really slow. I don’t understand why they have to be total rewrites vs incremental but that’s another topic.

You can hit pause and then close the game and it’s going to remember the files that have already been downloaded completely. Next time you start the game it will only download the missing ones.

Also it’s not downloading the entire game. That would be 100GB. So the updates are actually incremental.

You can exit the app at any time. It will continue from where it left off.

They are partially incremental. It’s only the packages that have changed that are downloading. Sure they could do a delta, but since they are compressed it would probably end up downloading most of it anyway.

MS store or Steam?

I think he is talking about the bandwith limitation, not the amount of data that is transfered in total.

This is in fact a good question, because when you set a bandwith limit of let’s say 40 Mbit/s in the Sim but can actually download with higher speed you might get trouble during update: everytime the Downloader reaches your set limit it might stall and restart downloading the actual file in an endless loop.

This is such a silly behavior of the program, but it is real. Since you cannot bypass the update process you have to use some tool to manually limit your download speed.

Edit: of course the opposite is even worse…

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Data limit has nothing to do with speed. It sets how much data quantity you’re allowing MSFS to consume in a month. That’s for people that have fixed monthly bandwidth plans.

A growing number of people are experiencing these stupidly slow downloads. And it seems to be getting worse with each subsequent update. I have a 1Gbit unlimited fibre connection. I downloaded the update at a 15-17 Mbits. The core update from Steam though came in within a matter of seconds at 800 Mbits. Something is terribly wrong with their distribution system.

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Now my update is stuck in an infinite loop.

Welcome to Update Hell…


You read my post above?

Yes, last time I played the game I’m pretty sure I limited the game to 5 MB/s. If the updater uses that limit maybe it’s resetting each time it exceeds that download speed.

But it’s a Catch22. I can’t access the game options to give it unlimited download speed because it won’t let me bypass the upgrade. I tried unplugging my ethernet cable but them it won’t let me in because it’s can’t check my license with MS’s servers.

To prevent it from resetting you can use the trial version of “Netlimiter”, it is easy to use.
So if you set 5mBit/s ingame you may limit it to maybe 4 mbit/s, that should work.

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It looks like you have the game on the MS store looking at your post history. I worked around the data speed cap by using the xbox app to launch the game on a second account. The second account doesn’t have the data speed cap set to it and it should download at full speed. After you get done with the update you can switch back to your main account. You don’t have to purchase the game again. If I remember right the games license is tied to your pc in some way.

Thank You!!!

I throttled down the download speed to < the bandwidth setting in the simulator and now it’s downloading just fine. (but slow)

IMHO that’s a major bug not being able to adjust your bandwidth speed setting prior to the forced upgrade. I might want to dial down the bandwidth during play but give it full bandwidth for the upgrade. I didn’t even have a warning that the upgrade was imminent?

I guess from now on I’ll give it full bandwidth for play.

You’re welcome, glad you are back on track.

Yes, it is ridiculous and though logical - it is always flightsimulator.exe that is running, whether ingame or during update. So the limit set ingame applies to the update as well…I will open a ticket later on.

Thanks again, MS could do the following:

  1. Reset Bandwidth to unlimited each time it’s launched.
  2. Override the bandwidth setting when Update is run.
  3. Eliminate the user’s bandwidth control option all together.
  4. Provide user access to Control Panel prior to Update.

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