How to walk round outside


Can anyone point me in the right direction to walk around outside aircraft? I’ve tried all the tips … decrease valve of X to -5 etc I’ve also used the Co pilot trick to get outside plane but once outside I can’t seem to get away from aircraft to get better new views ! I’ve tried using mouse , scroll wheel cry, alt and direction keys but nothing lets me go round the aircraft without zooming in each time !
Any help much appreciated.

Choose camera in the in-flight menu items, then “Showcase” tab.

You may need to set up the keys to move as you wish - my settings use the keys A,D,F,R,W,S and the arrow keys in the number keypad (on the PC).

You may need to change the settings in the Showcase Tab. These are mine



Thanks for the info, I’ll give it a try when I’m home .

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Sorry forgot to ask , what are the commands allocated to the buttons

The numberpad keys just turn in the direction of the arrows.

A - move left
D - move right
R -move up
F - move down
W - move forward
S - move backwards

Most of these are by default, but I think I added W and S in the controls option.

Pressing the INSERT key will go directly to the drone view vs changing camera views in the menu. In addition to ADRFWS, the number pad keys will rotate and tilt, and the 5 key will reset the view. If trying to move slowly, the drone speed will need to be lowered almost to 0 (0 won’t allow movement).

I strongly recommend an xbox controller for the drone cam. It feels much more natural to move around with it! Another thing - FSRealistic has an experimental walk mode that has head bob and breathing effects, it’s pretty neat but very experimental and has no anti-aliasing for some reason.

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@Player211660574 additional drone controls:

Numpad 2 Rotate down
Numpad 4 Rotate Left
Numpad 6 Rotate Right
Numpad 8 Rotate Up
Numpad 5 Reset camera
Numpad 7 Tilt Left
Numpad 9 Tilt Right

Thank you , I’m just trying to set it up now . Do I have to be in any special camera mode to walk round and get views to put as default? Or just get out side and use keys to navigate

this is pretty much it. Showcase>Drone Cam>go ham

Thanks for the advice , I’ve got it sussed now ! Didn’t realise how easy it is .